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(Animals) a Malaysian tapir or dark-coated ox
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They are highly related to scented flowers like bunga tunjung (Mimusops elangi), bunga chempaka (Michelia champaka), bunga bakawali (Epiphyllum oxypetalum), bunga matahari (Helianthus annuus), bunga tikam seladang (Vallaris glabra), bunga ketumbit, bunga ketamguri (Sidarhom bifolia) or bunga teratai (Nelumbium nucifera) [3,5,7].
To protect rubber and other monoculture plantations or sawah in Malaya, the British destroyed natural landscapes, thereby eliminating most of the "nuisance" animals such as elephants, tigers, and seladang.
gaurus laosiensis from Myanmar, Thailand, Indochina and the Malayan Peninsula, where it is known as the seladang.