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Any of numerous often creeping or prostrate vascular plants of the genus Selaginella that bear spores, have small scalelike leaves, and are closely related to the club mosses. Also called spikemoss.

[New Latin Selāginella, genus name, from Latin selāgō, selāgin-, a plant resembling savin, probably a kind of club moss or selaginella.]


(Plants) any club moss of the genus Selaginella, having stems covered in small pointed leaves and small spore-bearing cones: family Selaginellaceae. See also resurrection plant
[C19: from New Latin, diminutive of Latin selāgō plant similar to the savin]
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Noun1.selaginella - type and sole genus of the SelaginellaceaeSelaginella - type and sole genus of the Selaginellaceae; evergreen moss-like plants: spike moss and little club moss
fern genus - genera of ferns and fern allies
family Selaginellaceae, Selaginellaceae - lesser club mosses: terrestrial chiefly tropical plants resembling mosses
little club moss, spike moss, spikemoss - any of numerous fern allies of the genus Selaginella
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A low path leads Bandong and his group to a fernery, where Selaginella, usually green in color, immediately catches everyone's attention.
Preliminary studies on the immuno-modulatory and antioxidant properties of Selaginella species.
To create a rainforest scene, go for tropical pteris ferns, golden club moss and Selaginella Jori, which has lush, compact green fronds that grow up to 30cm tall.
Se contaron mas de cuatro mil individuos correspondientes a 131 especies, 70 generos y 45 familias (Anexo 1); las tres familias mas abundantes fueron Araceae, Rubiaceae y Lauraceae; los tres generos con mayor riqueza fueron Nectandra, Piper y Anthurium y las especies mas abundantes fueron Selaginella geniculata, Gustavia speciosa y Faramea occidentalis.
Herbaceo Rosaceae Lachemilla sibbaldifolia Herbaceo Prunus capuli Arboreo Rubiaceae Crusea wrightii Herbaceo Rutaceae Ptelea trifoliata Herbaceo Sapindaceae Dodonea viscosa Arbustivo Scrophulariaceae Buddleia parvifiora Arbustivo Penstemon barbatus Herbaceo Buddleia cordata Arbustivo Selaginellaceae Selaginella sp.
isolated from plant Selaginella pollescens collected in the Guanacaste conservation area of Costa Rica also showed potent activity against Candida albicans in agar diffusion assay 4.
To date, several plant species, including Arabidopsis thaliana [27], Zea mays [28], Triticum aestivum [29], Oryza sativa [30], Populus tomentosa [31], Capsicum annuum [32], Selaginella moellendorffii [33], and Brassica napus [34], have conducted to understand roles and mechanism of lncRNAs.
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divaricata; sufrio fuerte sobrepastoreo, evidenciado por las bajas frecuencias de gramineas y alta frecuencia del liquen Selaginella sellowii Hieron.