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1. Of or characterized by selection; discriminating.
2. Empowered or tending to select.
3. Electronics Able to reject frequencies other than the one selected or tuned.

se·lec′tive·ly adv.
se·lec′tive·ness, se·lec′tiv′i·ty n.
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The ability to distinguish, especially to recognize small differences or draw fine distinctions:
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(səˈlekt) verb
to choose or pick from among a number. She selected a blue dress from the wardrobe; You have been selected to represent us on the committee.
1. picked or chosen carefully. A select group of friends was invited.
2. intended only for carefully chosen (usually rich or upper-class) people. That school is very select.
seˈlection (-ʃən) noun
1. the act or process of selecting or being selected. a selection of boys for the choir; (also adjective) a selection committee.
2. a collection or group of things that have been selected. a selection of verses/fruit.
seˈlective (-tiv) adjective
having the power of choice and using it, especially carefully. She is very selective about clothes.
selˈlectively adverb
seˈlectiveness noun
seˈlector noun
a person who chooses, especially athletes, a team etc. The selectors have announced the cricket team to meet Australia.
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Given the scope and importance of the topic and the scarcity of published materials, it would be impossible to avoid some measure of selectiveness, as both Brigham and Wiest too have done in their books.
Peptides are becoming the future of medical research and drug development in light of their selectiveness, higher potency, and more safety.
"Four years for adopting 2030 Agenda, we witness a tendency by some international parties towards selectiveness with the aim of undermining or ignoring fundamental principles and objectives in the Agenda, which threatens the agreement reached when adopted." He continued to say.
The certainty of seeing laws applied, of lawbreakers being punished without selectiveness, is the best deterrent against criminality.
However it is the 'selectiveness' of the application that lays bare the essentialities of playing politics in such organizations that is suggestive of a toxic stew of resentment and power.
This is not because Iranian society is loyal to the hardline Wilayat-e Faqih ideology and to Iran's clerical religious establishment, but because of the selectiveness amongst many in addressing modern thought.
The issues of the Federal Government's fight against corruption and the allegations of selectiveness as well as alleged witch-hunt of the opposition, which headlined the news in 2018, will also remain major issues in the early part of 2019; so will the allegations of vote buying through Tradermoni and other efforts by the current government, which the opposition tries to pooh-pooh.
Debbie Venezia with Arts DuPage, who has planned the show for the past 13 years, says that selectiveness illustrates the quality and caliber of artistry that will be on display when the event returns for its 33rd year Saturday and Sunday, Sept.
"We believe that the selectiveness of the anti-corruption service of the National Security Committee discredits the very idea of fighting against corruption," the statement said.
Many different fields have used this technology and two of the most common are drug testing and chemical exposure testing, which both need the sensitivity and selectiveness that LC-MS/MS provides.
The show conveyed a stamp of selectiveness since students had conceptualised their works moving toward creative thoughts and conducting extensive research on their final projects.