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 (sĭ-lĕkt′măn′, -mən)
One of a board of town officers chosen in New England communities to manage local affairs.


n, pl -men
(Government, Politics & Diplomacy) any of the members of the local boards of most New England towns


(sɪˈlɛkt mən)

n., pl. -men.
(in most New England states) one of a board of town officers chosen to manage certain public affairs.
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Noun1.selectman - an elected member of a board of officials who run New England towns
board of selectmen - a board of officials elected to administer the public business of a New England town
elected official - official who won the office in a free election


n pl <-men> (US) → Stadtrat m, → Stadträtin f
References in classic literature ?
The selectman nodded to the constable; and there sat the light-heeled reprobate in the stocks; or if he danced, it was round the whipping-post, which might be termed the Puritan Maypole.
In addition, as Selectman Robert Cutler said, "We paid and hired a facilities manager.
HOLDEN -- Holden's unaccounted-for water has become a hot-button issue for Selectman Mark Ferguson, who says the figure has spiraled out of control.
None of us have ever gone any farther than trying to get it on the budget in the past seven years,'' said Selectman Sheila H.
The vote to rescind the call for a special town meeting was 3-1-1, with Selectman Sandra Cristo opposed and Selectman Francis B.
UXBRIDGE -- Selectmen decided Monday not to change the policy they adopted in December 2011 allowing remote participation, despite recent complaints about former Selectman Joseph Frisk's high absentee rate from meetings.
I think we need to do some homework here,'' Selectman Lawrence S.
Because honestly this is the worst I'm seeing,'' Selectman Peter Baghdasarian said.
HOLDEN -- Two weeks after discussions on the selectmen's Code of Conduct devolved into a shouting match, Selectman Mark S.
Spencer Selectman Gary Woodbury made an amendment to change the figure to $23,029,219, and after some talks among Mr.