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Degradation or humiliation of oneself, especially because of feelings of guilt or inferiority.


the act of putting oneself down, behaving in a very humble manner, or belittling oneself


humiliation of oneself, as from guilt or shame.
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Noun1.self-abasement - voluntary self-punishment in order to atone for some wrongdoing
penalisation, penalization, penalty, punishment - the act of punishing


[ˌselfəˈbeɪsmənt] Nrebajamiento m de sí mismo, autodegradación f
References in classic literature ?
All is over for me," she replied with shame and self-abasement.
Will reseated himself, feeling some pity which was half contempt for this voluntary self-abasement of an elderly man.
The Indian, in whose manner the depression of self-abasement was most powerfully exhibited, listened to the offers of the Judge with an interest that increased with each syllable.
But they were generally accompanied by a sense of compunction and self-abasement of which Newland Archer felt no trace.
echoed the little man, sideling nigher to his companion, and producing his tablets with an air in which exultation struggled, strangely, with an affectation of self-abasement.
He had concealed nothing, and even, in his self-abasement, he had striven to make himself more despicable than he had really been.
Let them break my heart if they like," she had thought to herself, in the self-abasement of that bitter moment; "it will be no more than I have deserved.
She could not modulate out the key of self-abasement in which she had started.
Innocent as I knew myself to be, certain as I was that the abominable imputation which rested on me must sooner or later be cleared off, there was nevertheless a sense of self-abasement in my mind which instinctively disinclined me to see any of my friends.
Well, mother, I yesterday engaged myself as substitute in the Spahis,"* added the young man, lowering his eyes with a certain feeling of shame, for even he was unconscious of the sublimity of his self-abasement.
As she followed, Rachel thought with supreme self-abasement, taking in the whole course of her life and the lives of all her friends, "She said we lived in a world of our own.
Of course," he muttered to himself a minute later with a feeling of self-abasement, "of course, all these infamies can never be wiped out or smoothed over .