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Adj.1.self-activating - designed to activate or move or regulate itself; "a self-activating sprinkler system"
automatic - operating with minimal human intervention; independent of external control; "automatic transmission"; "a budget deficit that caused automatic spending cuts"
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The bottom line is that parental responsibility is automatic and self-activating on both parents whether they are married or not and includes the right of a child to a name.
17 with self-activating metal fuse - 500; 3.2 / peripheral venous catheters no.
Lam-Adesina, who began the official distribution of the fire extinguishing balls at the Araromi Spare Parts Market, on Saturday, said he embarked on the distribution of the self-activating fire-fighting devices because he was always saddened by news of fire outbreaks at markets, which often lead to loss of goods worth millions of naira.
Drawing from the analytic tools of cutting-edge studies on terrorism by global experts, as well as the latest news reports, policy papers, Congressional Hearings, and legal documents, "American Self-Radicalizing Terrorists and the Allure of Jihadi Cool/Chic" illustrates how the internet provides the means through which a self-activating terrorist may first self-radicalize through some imaginary or sympathetic connection with an organized terrorist network.
This self-activating mask is formulated with multi-action CPR technology, vitamins C and E, and grape seed extract to restore skin's vitality.
How can a universe be self-activating without a Creator involved, and what might be the possibilities of a science-driven universe without God at its center?
Active Lightning Protection systems offered by Forend through Electra USA include externally mounted self-activating terminals.
The Cow Creek Umpqua Indian Foundation awarded $8,245 to Tamarack Aquatic Center to replace an existing Hoyer lift, installing a new self-activating lift and ensuring that the pool's water remains clear and clean.
Self-activating gel lining hydrates hardened hoofs, softens skin and lasts up to 50 treatments.
Carlson uses the event to underscore an important point, one which has the potential to impact on modern critical interpretations of entire literary careers in the later Middle Ages, that poets were 'Not free agents, muse-driven, self-activating or self-motivating, producing art ars gratia artis, or not wholly so: poets were promiscuous tools, or were also, to be used for propaganda on behalf of commissioning agencies within the secular state' (p.
With so much self-activating safety kit it's a kind of Minority Report for motoring, you're out of trouble you didn't even know you would be in.
Such means include the development of a combination of solar cell panels and a gas-engine cogeneration unit or a self-activating gas-engine cogeneration unit.