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1. Self-destruction.
2. Loss of self-awareness, as in a mystical state.


(Philosophy) the surrender of the self in mystical contemplation, union with God, etc


1. self-destruction; suicide.
2. surrender of the self in mystic contemplation of or union with God.
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Noun1.self-annihilation - the act of killing yourselfself-annihilation - the act of killing yourself; "it is a crime to commit suicide"
kill, putting to death, killing - the act of terminating a life
assisted suicide - suicide of a terminally ill person that involves an assistant who serves to make dying as painless and dignified as possible
felo-de-se - an act of deliberate self destruction
harakiri, hara-kiri, harikari, seppuku - ritual suicide by self-disembowelment on a sword; practiced by samurai in the traditional Japanese society
suttee - the act of a Hindu widow willingly cremating herself on the funeral pyre of her dead husband
References in classic literature ?
The feet of Raoul were over the edge of the cliff, bathed in that void which is peopled by vertigo, and provokes to self-annihilation.
That which externally seemed will and immovableness was willingness and self-annihilation.
Jessica will need to stray dangerously close to the precipice of self-annihilation to salve her pain.
This show aims at loosening peoples' tongues, allowing artists to express themselves and explore notions of gender, identity, self-annihilation, free will and urbanization.
Chastain is imperious, revealing tiny chinks in her character's armour as she teeters precariously on the precipice of self-annihilation.
Chastain is imperious, revealing tiny chinks in her character's polished armour as she teeters precariously on the precipice of self-annihilation.
Her writings attempted to teach everyone, without distinction, the true way of knowing God, with an emphasis on self-annihilation as the key to intimate prayer.
This prompted him to take a serious look at what it means to be a Christian, asking how we are to practice the teachings of Matthew 25 within the reality of a world of mass suffering, starvation and the ever-present threat of nuclear self-annihilation.
This would clearly, as a negative factor, lead to a deteriorating political situation and more division and self-annihilation, then totalitarianism in decisions and settling the important steps.
As we now know, however, the terror didn't end with the self-annihilation of those three.
We've been on the brink of self-annihilation for 70 years.
The AKP, now a party speaking the language of an oppressive state, is on the verge of ideological self-annihilation.