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a.1.Approving one's own action or character by one's own judgment.
One self-approving hour whole years outweighs
Of stupid starers and of loud huzzas.
- Pope.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
References in classic literature ?
My self-approval when I ticked an entry was quite a luxurious sensation.
With these last words, the Dodger suffered himself to be led off by the collar; threatening, till he got into the yard, to make a parliamentary business of it; and then grinning in the officer's face, with great glee and self-approval.
For a minute she regarded the pleasant picture while visions of girlish romances and triumphs danced through her head, then she shook her hair all over her face and pushed her chair out of range of the mirror, saying, with a droll mixture of self-reproach and self-approval in her tone; "Oh, Puttel, Puttel, what a fool I am!"
'I am in the twenty-third year of my life here,' he said, with a catch in his breath that was not so much a sob as an irrepressible sound of self-approval, the momentary outburst of a noble consciousness.
Will paused, imagining that it would be impossible for Dorothea to misunderstand this; indeed he felt that he was contradicting himself and offending against his self-approval in speaking to her so plainly; but still--it could not be fairly called wooing a woman to tell her that he would never woo her.
Then its self-approval became too much for it; it burst into a bright red smile in the centre.
I'm a man of experience, immense experience, sir," and he tapped his forehead with his fingers in self-approval. "You've been a student or have attended some learned institution!
Moore's writing often reads like an angsty teen's diary: sometimes overwrought (ill-advised casual sex makes her 'turn off parts of my heart and my brain, which are two of my favourite and most vital parts of myself'); sometimes comically self-pitying (Jesus, she insists, caught a better break: at least he 'had a family'); sometimes dismissively breezy (a disappointing hook-up is described as 'just, bad bad bad bad bad'); and sometimes prone to triumphant swells of self-approval ('Maybe the people who knew me for five minutes and immediately saw how lovable I was saw it because it permeated everything around me and was refracted all around the room, so was clear to anyone who was paying attention').
"Intrinsic motivation involves the willingness to act or behave in a certain way because of the inner satisfaction, self-approval, or enhanced self-esteem that one gains from such action or behavior.
He held up more demanding standards for the sort of life we should be trying to live, and constantly rebutted smugness and self-approval.
Shouting solidarity with the world's oppressed does wonders for one's self-approval, especially when one doesn't have to bear the inconvenience of meeting the supposedly disadvantaged face to face.
I trust you were not fooled by the zealous supporting cast of inherent sin, arduous lessons, earnest sermons, or conquered self-approval. It's right there: "the ability to face unpleasant thoughts."