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Summary: The technology will not just change human life but will also alter our self-conception as labouring beings
Surveys show that liberals see themselves, anyway, as more empathetic and kindhearted than conservatives, a self-conception reinforced by political rhetoric.
The assignment of gender is of paramount importance for individual identity; it usually plays a key role both for a person's self-conception and for the way this person is perceived by others.
If the volume is notably lacking in detail about Brown's conversion to Catholicism, Bicket argues, its formal echoes of a long tradition of spiritual self-writing are key to understanding both Brown's self-conception and his writing practice.
Faust, risking his soul for freedom from ethical constraints that render the experience of other mortals so impoverished, would become central to his later self-conception as the founder of an anti-Christian science that could penetrate forbidden realms.
The grandness of China's self-conception and the depth of its grievances should not, however, lead Americans to make the mistake of interpreting China's self-assertion as a sign of any aggressively expansionist intent.
To move beyond the usual cliches about healing a country's political divisions after a bitterly fought election, we need to understand precisely how Trump, as an archpopulist, appealed to voters and changed their political self-conception in the process.
Likewise, the nations see Israel as deluding themselves by continuing to think of themselves in "national" terms, when the basis for their national self-conception (i.
Objective: Political conflicts have long since gone beyond national borders and peace building has become central to the self-conception of the European Union as a foreign policy actor.
This chapter well demonstrates the entwined relations between 'modern' and 'traditional' elements in economic practices as well as in the accompanying social practices and self-conception.
The event is organised by Youthpire, the first youth platform to engage different categories of the Egyptian youth, with different backgrounds and interests to construct their self-conception through development, empowerment, inspiration, and physical and mental methodologies.
Alznauer's philosophically rigorous and exegetically meticulous account of Hegel's theory of responsibility turns on five interconnected theses: (1) an expressive notion of freedom as being-with-oneself; (2) that responsibility depends not on a causal capacity but on a cognitive one, namely, that one have a certain kind of knowledge of one's own activity; (3) that an agent have a specific self-conception as essentially free, the attainment of which depends on (4) one's being "regarded as a responsible agent," which requires (5) that one be a member of an actually existing, particular state.