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1. The act, state, or fact of contradicting oneself.
2. An idea or statement containing contradictory elements.

self′-con′tra·dic′to·ry (-dĭk′tə-rē) adj.


an instance or instances of inherent contradiction


1. an act or instance of contradicting oneself or itself.
2. a statement containing contradictory elements.
self′-contradict′ing, adj.
self′-contradic′tory, adj.
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Noun1.self-contradiction - contradicting yourself
contradiction - the speech act of contradicting someone; "he spoke as if he thought his claims were immune to contradiction"


[ˌselfkɒntrəˈdɪkʃən] Ncontradicción f en sí
References in classic literature ?
--As an eternal self-fleeing and re-seeking of one another of many Gods, as the blessed self-contradicting, recommuning, and refraternising with one another of many Gods:--
Mr Abbasi said the case registered against Rana Sanaullah was nothing less than a 'comedy serial script' with a preposterous story line that was self-contradicting. 'This case is an open proof of how this was an act of sheer political victimisation aimed at silencing a staunch and loud voice for democracy against Khan's disastrous rule.'
In its May 15, 2019 report, Glass Lewis indicated it does not believe PDC shareholders will be better served by Kimmeridge's nominees: "...disconcertingly large sections of [Kimmeridge's] materials are indeed bogged down in self-contradicting perspectives and unusually fluid methodologies which fail to mitigate what we consider to be sound rebuttals from PDC.
I think here the PM is self-contradicting in the sense that he puts it a responsibility on people- and rightly so- that they live for more than for themselves, and that people with more money and power, should in fact exhibit greater responsibility in taking care of others.In fact, the PM wants implementation of a fairer tax regime, in the form of a primarily progressive taxation on income and wealth, properly implementing the system of Zakat (or poor due), and bringing informal economy into the formal fold, all so that growth comes with proper a distribution mechanism.
As the city was coated in a film of sand, the postcards feature the self-contradicting aphorisms Alys wrote on the dusty windscreens of parked vehicles.
But Kersch insists that things are complicated when it comes to the Progressive synthesis, which was "diverse and often self-contradicting." The insights--or "obsessions," as the author prefers--of the Straussians are tinged with "religious foundationalism" and "dog-whistle implications" demanding "an oathlike allegiance" to natural law.
If the usual cocky ways of government agencies in dealing with 'voiceless' Nigerians will come to play here, FAAN's hare-brained and self-contradicting statement is definitely a humble-pie.
However, Warnock, ironically, seems to fail to recognize the agency of the black Christian in appropriating Christian faith and seems self-contradicting. Though he speaks against sexism and takes seriously the voice of Womanist theology, yet he fails to listen and incorporate black queer voices.
Roller explores, through verse, the mystery of a seemingly self-contradicting Deity in a puzzling universe.
The cloak Ungern_Sternberg chose as his uniform serves as a unifying metaphor for both his life and the Empire which died at the same time: multi-cultural and Imperial, majestic and self-contradicting in its mix of barbarity and high culture.
If the US, France and other Western powers were inconsistent and self-contradicting in their stances on revolutions and civil wars which hit the GME in the last 18 months, Turkey's foreign policy was particularly muddled.

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