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a.1.Created by one's self; not formed or constituted by another.
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The story of Estonia is a story of constant self-creation.
Far from being a narcissistic exercise, Pasolini's interdisciplinary self-creation, according to Annovi, is a deliberate attempt to undermine his various audiences' assumptions and to sharpen their critical ability to question the culture industry and the political status quo.
The gist of Rogers's discovery is the idea of self-creation.
In this essay, it has been argued that all fundamental human processes, beginning with self-creation and recognition and leading to more abstract undertakings such as science and mathematics, are primordially underpinned by stories.
It is hard to know what precisely is meant by self-definition, self-creation or the individual formation of personhood.
In addition to founding An Taibhdhearc and the Gate theatre companies, MacLiammoir (born Alfred Willmore and a seasoned expert in self-creation, as Dean notes) and Edwards created or assembled three large-scale nationalist pageants during their illustrious career, including one, The Pageant of the Celt, that was produced in Soldier Field, Chicago in 1934.
In her struggle to define herself, Mona experienced the stages of challenge, exploration, and self-creation.
Later, that search manifests itself in compulsive sexual encounters in which he routinely puts himself at risk, swapping one addiction for another, until finally rejecting those behaviors in self-defense, self-preservation, and ultimately, self-creation.
The text examines the ethics of authenticity and postmodern education, the poeticization of culture, self-creation and the eye of power, and other subjects.
Hofele nicely displays all of the animal references that surround Richard and points to the character's self-creation as a monster on display.
While for Hay American exceptionalism was rooted in Lincolnian ideals, the new politicians saw it as a matter of Darwinian self-creation.