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Critical of oneself and one's faults and weaknesses: "In my experience, no species of performing artist is as self-critical as a dancer" (Susan Sontag).

self′-crit′i·cal·ly adv.
self′-crit′i·cism n.


critical of oneself: his self-critical attitude.


1. capable of criticizing oneself objectively.
2. tending to find fault with one's own actions, motives, etc.
self`-crit′ically, adv.
self`-crit′icism, n.


[ˌselfˈkrɪtɪkl] ADJautocrítico
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Harry Golden emerges as a "blogger" before there was a name for it, as someone whose insights on pressing issues pushed the public to think more self-critically about the social world they inhabited (261).
Perhaps we must admit self-critically that the empathy and emotionality of our statements of solidarity were not heard and received in Turkey with the needed intensity," Steinmeier said of the EU's initial reaction to the botched coup.
But "getting better does not mean that we are doing well," he acknowledged self-critically.
Lidija Nedelkova, President of the Supreme Court, at last week's promotion of the Brijuni Statement of Principles of the Independence of the Judiciary, critically and self-critically addressed the position of the third branch of power.
I self-critically admit that my government did not take these baseless allegations seriously and counter them in time.
Anthropologist Christian Groes-Green has taken Superflex to task for failing to reflect self-critically on their 2003 project Guaranci Power, for which they worked with poor Brazilian farmers to develop a sustainable soft drink.
These are the kinds of bold decisions publishers need to make in order to dispassionately and self-critically identify their true value to core customers.
This book looks closely and self-critically at his wrestling with such issues since the 1960's when he was a student under Lonergan in Rome, and he invites us into his inner thoughts and misgivings, illustrating them with extensive excerpts from his comprehensive diary.
In addition, it would contribute to an environment in which all share responsibility, all reflect self-critically, and all seek faithful and more effective collaborative approaches to theology and mission in the twenty-first century.
This development of process theology leads to hearing a fivefold call to live lovingly, self-critically, simply, ecologically, and to welcome religious diversity.
Each of the chapters invites readers to look self-critically at how their own assumptions and models may overgeneralize or otherwise delegitimize abused women's experiences.
Now courts must look seriously and self-critically at how they deal with rape.