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Noun1.self-cultivation - the process of educating yourself
education - the gradual process of acquiring knowledge; "education is a preparation for life"; "a girl's education was less important than a boy's"
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The same zeal for self-improvement, which led him to steal the much coveted arts of reading and writing, amid all the toil and discouragements of his early life, still led him to devote all his leisure time to self-cultivation.
They have evolved under different forms, but both essentially put the dignity of man at the center of their preoccupations, a dignity nurtured by objective social mechanisms and self-cultivation.
Therefore, the people will continue to learn from the "Gentleman" through "self-cultivation" and "introspection".
According to theCentre for Bhutan Studies and GNH, the conferencewill specifically seek toidentify the characteristicsof Vajrayana Buddhism thatdistinguish it from othermodes of Buddhist practice.Papers have specificallyinvited that address theways in which Vajrayana'sdeeply embodied formsof self-cultivation, rangingfrom visualization practices to strenuous physical yoga,activate dormant capacitiesof mind and body towardsmore altruistic modes ofawareness and well-being.Meanwhile, VajrayanaBuddhism is often referredto as the 'Path of SkillfulMethods' in reference toits diversity of means forrealizing enlightenmentin a single lifetime andBhutan is reportedly theonly country in the worldwhere Vajrayana traditionhas been flourishing since itsinception in the middle ofthe eight century.
The event will encompass the journey of learners' self-cultivation and a grounded sense of their own self-worth and potential.
He told the officials to enhance self-cultivation, self-discipline and self-reform.
This requirement generates a broad range of duties, including duties of self-preservation and self-cultivation, duties to promote conscientious deliberation, duties to preserve and augment truth and knowledge, duties of aesthetic experience, and even duties regarding the institution of property.
Success requires constant "self-cultivation"--not a bad thing when it applies to all genders.
Success requires constant "self-cultivation" -- not a bad thing when it applies to all genders.
One example of this might be Japanese New Religions, which emphasize curing through the notion of self-cultivation (g).
Women who engaged in a religious practice of this sort, she argued, ought to be understood as engaging in ethical practices of self-cultivation.