Given to or believing or fancying mistaken notions about oneself.
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In its hubris, the Indian government sticks unashamedly to its convenient but self-deceiving refrain of Pakistan-terrorist-separatist', Pak-sponsored proxies' and misleading anti-national forces', instead of acknowledging the reality of Kashmiri people's irreversible will and intense yearning for freedom, that simply cannot be killed with a gun but grow stronger from day to day.
Ukraine, Washington's "most daring attempt at 'regime change' since righteous Clintonians invented this self-deceiving euphemism in the 1990s, has come to six-figure casualties, mass deprivation, a divided nation and a wrecked economy," the journalist notes.
Shout despite the self-deceiving silence of conformists!
In a satisfying final hand, we fear for the self-deceiving duo as reality threatens to deal the cards.
It is self-deceiving to believe the recapture of Mosul or other Sunni cities by the government will be welcomed by the terrified local inhabitants.
But was ocial, devolved Wales likely to raise even a whisper of celebration for the very inverse of the benignly infantile Rev Eli Jenkins, the aable soul of a self-deceiving people?
They're too vile, self-deceiving, lowly, fallen, "human."
In other words, if he cannot hope to make people less deceiving, perhaps he intends to help them become less self-deceiving. He astutely points out that we seek to "conceal from our own consciousness" the same discreditable motives and deeds that we so assiduously "hide" from others (40).
It resides rather in the West's cultural narcissism and self-deceiving belief that it had bestowed on 'lesser breeds' the priceless gift of Western 'civilization'.
ISLAMABAD -- President Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) Nawaz Sharif Thursday stated his party will fight any conspiracy of delaying general elections for one year and termed it as self-deceiving act.
Instead Spectres gives, in its chillingly self-deceiving protagonist, a damning portrait of postcolonial Belgium as a nation that treats its colonial history as simply a dynastic one, another chapter in the royal annals.