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The definition of one's identity, character, abilities, and attitudes by oneself: work provided the primary basis for her self-definition.
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Sociologists and other social scientists discuss some aspects of the relationship between social change, religion, and women's lives and self-definition in the contemporary world.
Hence, the competitive process is outlined with their hierarchically structures self-definition as ethnic groups and the similar process in how middle-class African Americans seek distinction from their impoverished compatriots.
There is a significant body of research from multiple theoretical perspectives that supports the notion that both adaptive and maladaptive personality development can be understood through experiences of interpersonal relatedness and self-definition (Blatt, 2008; Luyten & Blatt, 2013).
When his illness catches up with him, he explores his condition and altered self-definition with impossible grace - is he a doctor?
For here is a book devoted to a characterFlorence Gordon, after whom the book is titled in the grand old nineteenth-century stylewho is unlikable as a point of pride, as a matter of self-definition. Indeed, the very first page of the novel is a kind of joking warning, as Morton describes Florence's plans to write her memoirs: Being old, an intellectual, and a feminist, she muses, she has three strikes against her.
The seven essays in this volume investigate how gender impacts development and socialization, looking at gender in parent-child relationships, gendered peer interactions, cyberbullying, whether having an older sister or brother is related to younger siblings' gender typing, the relationship between gender and pro-social behavior and judgments, how gender stereotypes and attitudes affect self-definition, and children's cognition about the gendered roles of occupations and parental roles in the home.
This tendency repeats itself among immigrants from the former Soviet Union as well: The most common self-definition is "Jew" (42%), the second most common is "Israeli" (38%), and in third place, "by country of origin" (21%).
They are omnisciently mute, with only a Gioconda smile of the cat that swallowed a canary by way of self-definition. At times I envy them.
The celebrating of Native forms of gender and sexual expression that defy heterosexual standards might offer non-Native queers affirmation and the hope that collectivities need not be based in hegemonic heterosexuality, but Rifkin is quick to point out that this kind of valorization does nothing for Native self-definition or self-determination.
This methodologically sophisticated book is a welcome contribution to the study of early Christian self-definition. Dunning ventures beyond the scope of many of his colleagues by engaging in contemporary Christian theological questions and the ethical implications of his research.