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Tending to undervalue oneself and one's abilities.

self′-dep′re·cat′ing·ly adv.


in a self-deprecating manner
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After all, it's one thing to see a bona fide movie star self-deprecatingly play this kind of late-career malcontent, the way Michael Keaton did in "Birdman," and quite another to watch someone most audiences think of as "that guy"--"That guy who played Cher's biker boyfriend in 'Mask,"' "That guy who came to Patrick Swayze's rescue in 'Road House'"--trying to convince us he's an icon in the James Coburn or Lee Marvin mold.
Despite being a global sex symbol, and even more handsome in the flesh, Jamie was shy and talked quietly, often nervously putting his hand up to his mouth self-deprecatingly as he spoke.
It doesn't make any sense - this calm, polite young man who talks self-deprecatingly about welling up on seeing his son before the biggest fight of his life, and of being the "little fat kid" getting the bus to the gym to train, resorting to petty taunts that would be unacceptable in the playground, let alone an adults' workplace.
they call you a 'pod' if you have more than one show," Hawley, 49, notes, somewhat self-deprecatingly.
Crosley's stories of young men at war, tension before missions, squadron life, ribald jokes and songs, misadventures on leave, and speculations on the persistent phenomenon of aviation gas mysteriously appearing in the fuel tanks of their cars are self-deprecatingly and entertaining.
MANILA -- There are artists, and there is Joey Velasco, who self-deprecatingly considered himself a heartist.
and self-deprecatingly funny ("Who sits in a dark room watching Burn Notice on a beautiful day?
We do about the same companywide as two Chick-fil-As," a laughing McGehee says self-deprecatingly.
She continued: "Even though more and more females are getting involved within the construction industry in general, more so in the Middle East, to have the opportunity to be a senior project manager for a transportation project here is, well, not a small achievement," she said self-deprecatingly and added: "I hope this helps to encourage other females to consider coming into this field and taking on similar and higher managerial positions," she added.
Which he self-deprecatingly credits to largely being at the right place at the right time.
Lu, who had self-deprecatingly announced that he faced a mission impossible against the Swiss former world number one when he said: "If I'm 150% and he's 100% I think I'd still lose", pulled out with a recurrence of a back problem.