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Though a few winners shed tears and there were some heartfelt moments, the bulk of the evening reflected a loose, self-deprecatory mood.
Much of the charm of River of Traps lies in the gentle, self-deprecatory wit of deBuys.
At first he was hurt by its connotations, but he has learned to live with it and now uses it in a self-deprecatory way to introduce himself to certain audiences.
The theatre was rather scruffy and down at heel backstage,' he says not too inaccurately of the Royal Court as was, before adding with a self-deprecatory chuckle.
Quinn was in typically self-deprecatory form as he assessed reaching 150 league and cup goals.
Humorous: He spent the first third of his speech with self-deprecatory comments on subjects like an "Ishtar" sequel and the fact that he wanted different lighting on the podium.
I suppose it was The World According to Garp, back in the late 1970s, that kicked off the run of ballyhooed narratives purporting to represent us againg baby-boomers as savvy, tasteful folks who once, long ago, entertained--well, you know--certain "opinions," maybe even got involved in (you know) a cause or two, but who have now learned to settle down with self-deprecatory humor to the complex, mature work of living out and up our personal lives.
The politics are still there, as is his jovial self-deprecatory humour ('no one comes to see you for your singing, Billy' he recalls his manager telling him at one point).
Tony Blair's speech was emotional and mock self-deprecatory.
A down-to-earth charmer with an endearingly self-deprecatory sense of humour, he is generous and loyal to a fault.
Guildo's self-deprecatory humor, rock-tinged songs and wild antics -- more suited to a rock star than a traditional Schlager singer -- have attracted a whole new generation of followers who had previously frowned on the music.
To the end of her life, Alice Hamilton remained a product of her beginnings--she demanded a great deal of herself and of others and was fiercely self-deprecatory.