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1. Determination of one's own fate or course of action without compulsion; free will.
2. Freedom of the people of a given area to determine their own political status; independence.

self′-de·ter′mined (-tûr′mĭnd) adj.
self′-de·ter′min·ing (-tûr′mĭ-nĭng) adj. & n.
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'Return self-determining destiny right to the Kashmiris promised to them by the world through Kashmir resolutions of the United Nations; in this perspective Kashmiris are waging an international struggle for restitution of their India-usurped rights; the struggle aims at ushering in an era of stable peace in South Asia and good working relations between Pakistan and India who are parties to Kashmir dispute besides Kashmiris themselves', he told the world during his address to the well-attended Kashmir's Accession to Pakistan International Seminar in Luton, England, on Thursday.
When members of General Synod gather this July, they will vote on an amendment that could give life to a self-determining Indigenous church within the Anglican Church of Canada.
The official further said that government was committed to facilitating the youth to make them self-determining and self-sufficient.
He said that according to PM's vision, they are working to facilitate the youth to make them self-determining and self sufficient.
'Sarawak, therefore, has not much choice, but to be self-determining in its development efforts to undertake these massive works ahead of us,' he said.
(9) But it is a mistake to think that all it takes to preserve the self-determination of a political community is ensuring that the community is not interfered with by others, for not being determined by others is not equivalent to being self-determining. (10) There will be cases in which a political community enjoys negative self-determination, in that it is not interfered with, and yet it fails to exercise positive self-determination because it lacks what it takes to govern itself through the exercise of its autonomous agency.
Declaring parliament 'sovereign', we ultimately mean that parliamentarians are 'supreme' and 'self-determining', who enjoy absolute powers and liberty when they perform as public representatives.
It focuses literacy learning through engaging students, and the conditions, principles, and actions for creating an optimal learning environment, including the role of the physical, social and emotional, and intellectual environments; excellence in teaching, including embedding professional learning, frontloading, listening, speaking, questioning, embracing the reading-writing connection, and teaching readers and writers; and ensuring equitable learning opportunities for all students through high expectations, reaching all learners, responsible assessment, developing self-determining learners, and advocating for students.
Moreover, it is important to reflect deeply on the self-conscious, deliberate, and indeed self-determining agency that Aristotle clearly attributes to human beings.
She distills these experiences into brief lessons about topics such as relationships, environment, bonding with students and colleagues, developing self-determining learners, guided reading, active listening, reading aloud, connecting writing with reading, using technology, supporting English learners, assigning appropriate homework, handwriting, using simple rubrics, vocabulary and oral language development, establishing routines and rituals, professional development, partnering with parents, assessment, incorporating the arts, and teaching students, not standards.
"The dream of establishing a self-determining independent Palestinian state cannot be delayed any longer," he said.