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(sĕlf′dĭ-rĕk′tĭd, -dī-)
Directed or guided by oneself, especially as an independent agent: the self-directed study of a language.

self′-di·rect′ing adj.
self′-di·rec′tion n.
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Noun1.self-direction - personal independence
independence, independency - freedom from control or influence of another or others
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Tulliver himself did not know, and so was necessarily thrown for self-direction on this wide kind of inference.
While a person with an intellectual disability may have significant limitations in the skills needed to live and work in the community, including difficulties with communication, self-care, social skills, safety and self-direction.
TeamPublic Choices is a leading facilitator of support for the elderly and people with disabilities, with an emphasis on empowering self-direction and consumer choice.
Academic learning is a category of learning that which has high quality of characteristic, for example, intrinsic motivation, self-control, self-direction and self-regulation, of the activity of the students.
The theme of this year's MiSK Global Forum was "The Skills for our Tomorrow" and focused on 5 key skills-novel thinking, social intelligence, judgment & decision-making, adaptability & resilience and initiative & self-direction.
These are broken down into five core skills that will enhance the way young people live and work in the future: Novel thinking, social intelligence, judgment and decision making, adaptability and resilience, and initiative and self-direction.
(9) I will be exploring five of these values, namely: "self-direction," "stimulation," "achievement," "security," and "benevolence."
These summer employment opportunities are robust, everyday learning ecosystems that cultivate curiosity, autonomy, self-direction, altruism, collaboration, creativity, critical thinking, contribution, and belonging.
At the conference, attendees participated in workshop sessions covering a variety of topics including managed care, creating and managing a culture of care, expanding self-direction employees and enhancing the direct support workforce.
"By focusing on the learning process instead of standardized tests results, we worked to find the key to unlock the door for student engagement, self-direction and authentic learning," says Maher.
I noticed that encouraging child-led play helps build a sense of self-direction and self-confidence in your child.
"The most important skill set is a degree of curiosity and some self-direction," says Lee Erik Eachus.