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Noun1.self-employed person - a writer or artist who sells services to different employers without a long-term contract with any of them
worker - a person who works at a specific occupation; "he is a good worker"
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Anyone who would rather be tied down as an employee than free as a self-employed person should teleport back to the factories and workhouses that Marx and Engels philosophised against.
Our image of a self-employed person -- often distorted by movies, television shows or novels -- is that of a successful professional, usually male, who is a consultant, works out of an office full of high-tech gadgets and spends the workday visiting clients or writing reports, followed by an evening of wining and dining.
Matty Smith "Try to work as a self-employed tradesman or any other self-employed person then you'll know how hard it truly is
Only one worker, employee, entrepreneur, self-employed person, military, veteran, student, job seeker in United States.
Thus, the maximum OASDI tax for a self-employed person in 2015 (with maximum earnings of $118,500) is $14,694.
There area number of reasons why tax has been overpaid, including: HM Revenue & Customs | (HMRC) sends the wrong tax code to a person's employer or the employer fails to use the correct code; Under Self Assessment, a | self-employed person makes payments on account for the following tax year which are too high; The person is not a taxpay- | er, but has had tax deducted from her/his bank or building society interest; The person is a pensioner | with more than one occupational pension where allowances have not been allocated correctly so that too much tax has been paid, or A person is in low paid work | and has more than one job.
I'm a self-employed person, selling things in different places.
A self-employed person is defined as one who gets their income directly from a consumer rather than being the employee of a business.
However if the simplistic approach of every self-employed person employing one person was taken, it would almost eradicate unemployment.
it states that the player has to be registered as a self-employed person (closer to the status of craftsmen) according to Croatian Sport's Act and the Act on personal income tax.
A qualified, experienced financial planner would tailor a plan to help a self-employed person work towards their retirement goals, taking into account their personal and financial circumstances.
Pam Folsom, prosecuting for the HSE, is alleging that Naylor, as a self-employed person, carried out gas fitting work while not a member of the Gas Safe Register, formerly CORGI.

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