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Adj.1.self-enclosed - of self-imposed enclosure or confinement; "a self-enclosed Jewish cosmos"
enclosed - closed in or surrounded or included within; "an enclosed porch"; "an enclosed yard"; "the enclosed check is to cover shipping and handling"
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The central argument of this incisive and wide-ranging volume is that false modesty with respect to reason ironically renders it self-enclosed and totalizing.
So self-enclosed works like this, in which the supposedly clear relation between signifier and signified has been disturbed, can make us feel unsettled.
Inevitably, the pic builds to a cross-cutting crescendo of violence, but the stories remain generally self-enclosed, not that it renders their stock scenarios any less banal.
She is especially intent on refuting the widely held belief that Jews inhabited a self-enclosed collectivity, separate from that of the Germans.
With regard to the scientific doctrine of "emergence," he asks how a mindless, self-originating, self-enclosed universe could be so "restless" and "inventive." He points out that scientists often implicitly rely upon teleology despite their claim to reject purpose in nature.
The ancient Greeks supposedly thought that, "The harder the pecs and the tighter the buns the more spiritual you were." (The apostles) Peter and Andrew would never have followed "any self-enclosed whacko." When Jesus equates lustful glances with adultery, Cahill protests: "Earth to Jesus: Hello." Jesus himself is quoted as speaking (in Matt.
A friend tells me that Big Brother, the TV show show about ten people who live in a self-enclosed house and have their every move watched on the Internet and by more than six million Channel 4 viewers, has divided the nation into two opposing camps.
But The Player, unlike The Bad and the Beautiful, ultimately bursts out of its self-enclosed world, and with real fury.
Curiously, he rarely painted a female figure; if he ever painted anyone with empathy, it might be the blind harp player of Deaf, 1984, the image of a creativity that is prophetic, yet grimly isolated and self-enclosed. Pure admiration was best expressed through writing, through the name-as-image, as in the album credits inscribed in white on black in Discography (Two), 1983.
Correlatively, because they are trapped by a self-enclosed view of language, they never reach any source of consciousness or of transcendent meaning.
Set in a contemporary Israeli ultra-Orthodox community and thesped by a trio of magnificent actors (including the grand old man of Israeli cinema, Assi Dayan), "My Father My Lord" unfolds in a self-enclosed universe blessed with fleeting epiphanies but overshadowed by immutable, incomprehensible laws.