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Those natural laws are inviolable and self-enforcing, and only when obeyed do they provide the right results.
Objective: This project aims to commercialise Self-Enforcing E-Voting (SEEV), a new paradigm of verifiable e-voting technologies without involving any trusted tallying authorities (invented under the ERC starting grant No.
As with the smoke free public places law, this is a popular measure that will largely be self-enforcing.
The North East region has had one of the highest levels of compliance to the Smoke Free law since it was implemented in 2007, and it is on the whole self-enforcing and accepted by the public.
Much of this work is institutional-theoretical analysis, as in Alexander Salter's approach ("Is There a Self-Enforcing Monetary Constitution?
Such measures, which are self-enforcing rather than regulatory, may even keep more cars off roads heavily used by pedestrians.
Indeed, when there are more than two parties, reputations become possible, strengthening self-enforcing property rights still further.
Where we have implemented 20mph schemes in the city centre we have had a significant reduction in the number of accidents and excellent compliance from drivers making the scheme self-enforcing.
Michelle Harrington, RoSPA's road safety manager for Wales, said: "We know that 20mph zones with traffic calming are more effective at reducing speeds and preventing accidents because the physical measures mean that the lower speed limit is self-enforcing.
If firewalls are strong, or redundancy and resilience allow quick recovery, or the prospect of a self-enforcing response ("an electric fence") seems possible, an attack becomes less attractive.
The self-enforcing constraint is the major analytic distinction between international law and domestic law where it is usually safe to assume that parties can rely on government to enforce the law.
It doesn't mean anything because it's not self-enforcing," said Stan Brand, an attorney who was formerly general counsel for the House of Representatives, of the contempt vote.