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1. The act or process of developing or augmenting one's intellectual powers or spiritual resources.
2. The act or process of enriching oneself financially.
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The focus is to provide educational opportunities that maximize workforce performance, career development and self-enrichment, based upon the authority's interest," he said.
The root issue was never sanctions, but decades of gross economic mismanagement and equally gross self-enrichment by the NIF/NCP regime--a fact that the international community simply refused to acknowledge.
brThe tug of war between Nasa and Jubilee is nothing but tactics of imperialist politicians competing for power and self-enrichment while the mwananchi languishes in poverty.
And with Chacha, nothing prevents the Duterte supermajority from granting themselves and Duterte more salary increases and more opportunities for self-enrichment.
And every angle is rooted in self-preservation and self-enrichment.
Aliero said it was unfortunate that some government agencies and individuals responsible for regulating, controlling and monitoring of religious activities engaged in corrupt practices and self-enrichment at the expense helpless pilgrims.
As for the army, a deep-state institution with a history of self-enrichment, corruption, and violence against opponents is unlikely to have any appetite for democratic reforms that could undermine its pre- eminent position in the politi- cal and business spheres.
Government lawyers have neglected their duties and responsibilities and have been serving their patrons' self-enrichment.
The Saudi Arabian news media, however, celebrated the arrests as a long-awaited cleanup, appealing to populist resentment of self-enrichment enjoyed by the sprawling royal family and its closest allies.
More important - and we took this entirely for granted -none of these presidents thought the office was an opportunity for self-enrichment, stoking racial divisions, demonising immigrants or delegitimising the free press.
Time now for him to round up top members of the administration for an all-hands lecture on the difference between public service and self-enrichment, and the importance of sunlight as a disinfectant.
During the 2004 State of the Nation Address (SONA) President Thabo Mbeki said We must be impatient with those in the public service who see themselves as pen-pushers and guardians of rubber stamps, thieves intent on self-enrichment, bureaucrats who think they have the right to ignore the vision of Batho Pele, who come to work as late as possible, work as little as possible and knock off as early as possible