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Adj.1.self-established - constituted by or established by itself
constituted, established - brought about or set up or accepted; especially long established; "the established social order"; "distrust the constituted authority"; "a team established as a member of a major league"; "enjoyed his prestige as an established writer"; "an established precedent"; "the established Church"
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Further, censuring the recent ongoing accountability process, Marriyum claimed that self-established allegations were being leveled against the PML-N leadership.
Over the years, many AYDA alumni became reputable architects and interior designers - from being attached to globally-recognized architectural firms to taking on leadership roles in self-established firms.
PESHAWAR:Deputy Commissioner Kohat has imposed ban on self-established illegal cattle fairs under section 144CrPC for a period of nine days.
In the future - through my self-established dream ballet school - I would be keen to mentor the younger generations with the same knowledge, and wisdom my teachers have passed on to me - plus my own experiences.'
There, nations will conduct the first global stock-take to gauge progress in meeting the voluntary, self-established climate action plans they set in Paris--which, if fully implemented, would hold warming only to 3 degrees C by century's end--and then ratchet up their commitments.
Employees require more than a self-established job description; they want someone to talk with them regularly about their responsibilities and progress.
These beliefs become self-established truths that might not change without an intervention that involves some form of retraining.
Ultimately, what these self-established "keepers of the gate" are saying is that anyone not conducting business exactly as they do isn't welcome in their constricted world.
With the UAE as a self-established tech hub for the region, GITEX Technology Week 2013 is a superb platform for us to demonstrate Qualcomm's latest innovations." As well as bolstering this year's edition with new features, Dubai World Trade Centre has pulled out the stops to enhance its existing industry sectors.
ON THEIR forthcoming third album, Wrexham's Roseville Band follow self-established trend.
Nawzad Lost, along with his self-established mental health foundation the “Rise Up Project”, became a personal endeavour that Costa tirelessly and dauntlessly battled to bring to life.
Offended by its exclusion in the vetting of the research, the NRRA, the self-established "recognized advocate of the Risk Retention Industry," proposed that it should have been consulted prior to publishing comments.