self-evident truth

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Noun1.self-evident truth - an assumption that is basic to an argument
supposal, supposition, assumption - a hypothesis that is taken for granted; "any society is built upon certain assumptions"
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But in its construction the Convention immediately perceived that they must retrace their steps, and fall back from a league of friendship between sovereign States to the constituent sovereignty of the people; from power to right--from the irresponsible despotism of State sovereignty to the self-evident truths of the Declaration of Independence.
amp;nbsp; Those who fought against and ended segregation in the military reminded the Nation of its obligation to the self-evident truth of equality written into the Declaration of Independence," the statement added.
The law of identity is the self-evident truth that everything is something specific; everything has properties that make it what it is; everything has a nature: A thing is what it is.
In that commentary, he did not even bother to offer empirical evidence or cite scholarly literature to support his local empowerment argument, perhaps holding it as a self-evident truth.
TRUISM A Wooden fruit-basket B A self-evident truth C Fungus of the genus Tuber who am I?
While principled humanitarian action and respect of IHL should be a self-evident truth for all of us, the Summit also provides a great.
Let's stop for a moment and remind ourselves of an increasingly self-evident truth.
Intuitionists claim that moral intuitions qualify as knowledge because moral intuitions are self-evident truths, and when S understands a self-evident truth and affirms it, S has knowledge.
Summary: It is a self-evident truth to anyone paying the slightest bit of attention that a law firm--whether made up of ten attorneys or a thousand--is .
Through the ages we have recognized, and the United Nations celebrated this month this self-evident truth, that happiness is fostered by our connections with others.
Self-evident truth held life, liberty and pursuit of happiness among the unalienable rights of all created equal.
The self-evident truth that women's participation and safety are crucial to building sustainable peace is slowly changing "politics as usual.