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Requiring no proof or explanation.

self′-ev′i·dence n.
self′-ev′i·dent·ly adv.
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Adv.1.self-evidently - in a self-evident manner
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He fished from his pocket a cigar stump, self-evidently shot from the gutter, and prepared to put it in his mouth to chew.
Too many of them self-evidently fib regularly and principled MPs - yes, there are some - will be tarred with the same brush as the Dishonourable Members for Cock-and-Bull Central.
Professional sport is all about the pursuit of excellence, self-evidently most of all at the top of the industry, in the international arena.
The courts have held since the middle of the last century that an alteration in a lease which was not self-evidently insubstantial and which could be prejudicial to the guarantor would relieve the guarantor from liability.
He said: "It was not only morally wrong, it was self-evidently counterproductive.
Self-evidently, Genoa are worse than most previous visitors to the Juventus Stadium.
He told her that she would get "some credit" for her guilty pleas, but added: "I need to point out to you that these are self-evidently serious offences and all sentencing options will be available to the court which passes sentence upon you.
Self-evidently I'm not getting their full attention.
It is difficult, and may prove impossible, to confirm the source of these attacks, though attempted jamming of BBC services into Iran is nothing new and we regard the coincidence of these different attacks as self-evidently suspicious.
Thus it has become self-evidently true within the policy community that welfare services must be tailored to the needs of individual users and that the post-war welfare state of the past was a 'monolith' characterised by a 'take what you're given' attitude to meeting people's needs.
Some deductions for people who drive certain types of cars or buy new air conditioners are self-evidently silly, but getting rid of them in isolation won't make much difference even if every dollar in revenue that flows in is passed along to the public in the form of lower rates.
The Prime Minister told BBC Radio: "I haven't spent a huge amount of time thinking about this but it does seem to me that, if you have someone who didn't think we had a debt problem in the UK when we self-evidently do have a debt problem, then they might not be the most appropriate person to work out whether other countries around the world have debt and deficit problems.