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Requiring no proof or explanation.

self′-ev′i·dence n.
self′-ev′i·dent·ly adv.
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Adv.1.self-evidently - in a self-evident manner
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He fished from his pocket a cigar stump, self-evidently shot from the gutter, and prepared to put it in his mouth to chew.
Smoking is so self-evidently stupid she can't understand why you'd need support to stop.
Any development that threatens its setting, as this self-evidently does, in my view, therefore, should be refused."
Hollywood is, self-evidently, in the middle of a nostalgia boom.
That is self-evidently not the function of the criminal law." The exact amount of money the UK contributes to the EU budget was one of the biggest issues of the 2016 referendum campaign, when the Leave campaign attracted criticism for printing a slogan on the side of its battlebus that said: "We send the EU PS350 million a week."
If you can, as the SNP appeared to do, appeal to Leave voters, Remain voters, unionists as well as self-evidently nationalists then, while both the Brexit Party did well and the Liberal Democrats did well as they had clear positions on European membership, the SNP did best of all by a clear margin.
This nation of over 200 million people is as capable as any to achieve all that is self-evidently good.
However, it is apparent that not enough carers and families know about this, so self-evidently much more is still to be done to ensure that people know what options are available to them.
It is self-evidently not the case that Prince Charles is not respected and he may even be more popular across the Commonwealth than the UK," Mann ( said.
"Discipline, conscientiousness and morale are self-evidently very high.
MI6 self-evidently failed to protect Sergei Skripal and his family after they settled in Britain following an exchange of spies.
And there they function to make some kinds of ideas seem self-evidently"realist," hard-nosed and rational, and others patently inadmissible, self-evidently inappropriate.