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Requiring no proof or explanation.

self′-ev′i·dence n.
self′-ev′i·dent·ly adv.
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Adv.1.self-evidently - in a self-evident manner
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He fished from his pocket a cigar stump, self-evidently shot from the gutter, and prepared to put it in his mouth to chew.
MI6 self-evidently failed to protect Sergi Skripal and his family after they settled in Britain following an exchange of spies.
And there they function to make some kinds of ideas seem self-evidently"realist," hard-nosed and rational, and others patently inadmissible, self-evidently inappropriate.
Unfortunately her 2007 piece Aqua Piano was introduced in a few words as self-evidently related (through a watery title and allusions to Gamelan music), performed, and then abandoned.
The JIT self-evidently exceeded its mandate by opining on whether or not Petitioner's assets were disproportionate to his known sources of income and this august Court has regrettably erred in law.
Prosecutor David Claxton added that the club's "physical restraints, including stocks, would, self-evidently, increase the risk to life in the event of a fire".
Of course the PM, being self-evidently well off, was not worried so much about his pension as his state of mind.
It's self-evidently clear that the commitments that were made in the 2015 manifesto did, and do today, strain the ability of the government to manage the economy flexibly," he said.
I]ntuitionism claims that the best way to explain both the convincingness and the persistence of certain moral beliefs, such as the promise principle, is to assert that they are self-evidently true.
The target her tempestuous tirade was self-evidently Taylor Swift, who did get nominated in the Video of the Year category, along with 8 other nominations, and is both white and skinny," he continued in his column for the Daily Mail.
Professional sport is all about the pursuit of excellence, self-evidently most of all at the top of the industry, in the international arena.
He said: "It was not only morally wrong, it was self-evidently counterproductive.