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Adj.1.self-examining - given to examining own sensory and perceptual experiences
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"The voice of a Catholic poem is self-examining, not narcissistic," Miller said.
He said Iqbal was the name of a movement of self-examining.
Van Eerden often juxtaposes the gritty and simple reality of rural West Virginia's poor with beautiful metaphysical insights, creating self-examining, autobiographical essays with a steady religious undertone.
In a time when every newspaper is self-examining and adapting to the digital-first environment, a loss of power is palpable.
It's the very beginning of men in this country self-examining in a way that is valuable.
Brenner's text highlights how these wartime diaries provide a glimpse of the self-examining personal, emotional, psychological, and religious quandaries facing non-victims living on the "Aryan side" of Nazi-occupied Warsaw.
Held in Arusha, Tanzania, the factions were last week expected to hold a self-examining and critically evaluate how the factions led by different senior members and officials could come together under one leadership, but failed to reach a consensus over several issues, including overhauling the entire structure and reinstating the ruling party's former secretary general, Pagan Amum.