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1. Of or relating to a constitutional right that does not require a separate legislative act providing for a cause of action in order for a party to seek legal redress for violation of the right.
2. Of or relating to a legal provision, as in a contract or treaty, that is enforceable without the occurrence of preconditions.

self′-ex′e·cu′tion n.


(Law) (of a law, treaty, or clause in a deed or contract, etc) coming into effect automatically at a specified time, no legislation or other action being needed for enforcement
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On Monday the Con-com recommended the inclusion of a self-executing provision in the new Constitution banning elective officials up to second degree of consanguinity and affinity to succeed them.
Members of the consultative committee (Concom) yesterday voted to include a self-executing provision prohibiting relatives of the president down to barangay captain from succeeding their relatives.
The mere fact that we actually succeeded today in passing this provision, and hopefully it would be part of the final draft and I think it would be part, is already a big victory for the cause of reform because as you all know, for 32 years we have been trying to enact an anti-dynasty provision that is self-executing,' Teehankee said in an interview after the en banc session.
BABB takes a new approach, using new technology, to give its customers the opportunity to crowdsource financial services and completely remove the need for banks as we know them, all via self-executing smart contracts.
I hope that on the day after tomorrow, we can see the restoration of the Article on the Duties and Obligations of Citizens, fine tuned to include self-executing amendments stating the duties and obligations of citizens with respect to the environment, the family and the rearing of children, the education of the young for responsible citizenship, and the obligation to contribute individual efforts towards economic development.
Refusal to grant an immediate self-executing order shall not be deemed as refusal of part of the requests.
Mere 'informed debate', in which our multilateral diplomatists revel, or even high-sounding 'resolutions' can hardly deliver, unless and until they are backed up by a self-executing mechanism to ensure the timely implementation of the decisions of the World Body.
The blockchain technology will employ smart contracts or self-executing workflows determined by the goods being shipped and the authorisation they require while in transport.
Blockchain smart contracts are essentially self-executing digital contracts.
The solution also builds in the ability to execute blockchain-based smart contracts, which are self-enforcing, self-executing digitally signed contracts.
This is in accordance with Article 68 of Personal Law, which states: "The judge may at the wife's request decide her a provisional alimony and his decision shall be self-executing by the force of law.
Another benefit smart contracts offer is that they can be self-executing and self-enforcing, eliminating the need for intermediaries in a transaction.