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(sĕlf′ĕg′zīl, -ĕk′sīl)
One exiled by his or her own decision or volition.

self′-ex′iled adj.
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Babanov arrived in Bishkek on August 9 after a self-exile since 2017.
Soomar Mallah was said to a close aide to Burfat and had gone into self-exile some six years back when JSMM had claimed responsibility for a number of bomb blasts and other subversive activities in different towns of Sindh.
With tens of thousands people at his beck and call, he could shut down Karachi with just one phone call while sitting in London in self-exile. The loyalty of his supporters was legendary and they were always ready to die for him.
She said that the PML-N leader should tell truth about his return from self-exile instead of calling Prime Minister (PM) Imran Khan a liar.
Sison has been on self-exile in the Netherlands since 1987.
Summary: Brussels [Belgium], March 11 (ANI): Carles Puigdemont, former Catalan leader, who is currently in self-exile here, announced on Sunday that he will be contesting in the European elections scheduled for May 26
They had three beautiful children who lived with their mother in Dubai because the lady was in a state of self-exile and did not want to return to her native land for fear of prosecution.
The former Bauchi state Governor only recently returned to the country having been in self-exile since the ouster of the PDP in 2015.
She also lived in self-exile for more than six years in India during the regime of former military dictator Gen Zia-ul-Haq.
'If you ask the candidates for the Lower House and the Senate, I am sure that almost all of them will be in favor of the peace negotiations,' Sison said on Friday, in an online interview from his base in Utrecht, Netherlands, where he has lived in self-exile since 1987.
These local leaders said that the PPP workers sacrificed their lives when they had come to receive their cherished leader on her return from long self-exile. They said not only PPP leaders but its workers have also sacrificed their precious lives to strengthen democracy for which we salute them.
2738252 ISLAMABAD -- Afghanistan's Vice President Abdul Rashid Dostum, who returned home after over a year in self-exile because of torture and abuse allegations, escapes a suicide blast that kills at least 14 people and injures over 60 others.