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a.1.Explaining itself; capable of being understood without explanation.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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It appears that some roads where 20mph limits have been implemented are naturally 'self-explaining roads' where drivers 'instinctively' drive more slowly (because their length provides less opportunity to build-up speed, visibility may be limited, drivers do not feel that they have sufficient space to drive faster or feel that it is appropriate to do so, and because they serve local start/end destinations only).
A self-enforcing road, also called a self-explaining roadway, is planned and designed
Rulex Al is accurate, automatic, and self-explaining for mission-critical enterprise applications, like ERP and so many others."
Although engaging in the process of prompting open self-explanations may force learners to spend a great deal of extra time and effort in attending to task-extraneous aspects (e.g., where to start self-explaining; how deep a self-explanation should go), which usually require more working memory resources, certain forms of instructional assistance added to self-explanation are able to prevent working memory being overloaded.
This edition of UVO adds these self-explaining features: geo-fencing, speed alert, curfew alert, and driver score.
Whereas similar methodologies such as think-aloud (Cerdan & Vidal-Abarca, 2008) aim to capture natural processing that would occur regardless of the think-aloud process, self-explaining is generally assumed to modify comprehension and learning processes (Chi et al., 1994).
where [epsilon] is the error term; and Communist (inclusive of past and present) and Muslim are self-explaining dummies.
It's smooth, it's elegant," Schumacher says, adding, "The 1850 building is very self-explaining, very logical, and then suddenly you're in another world underneath the garden."
Self-explaining video guides and comprehensive technical support are also at your disposal.
It becomes self-explaining." And in this regard, he references what has become a touchstone of design of late, the Apple iPod.