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a.1.Explaining itself; capable of being understood without explanation.
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Tapping into the full potential of the web and building a platform that is accessible and findable, self-explaining and comprehensive, living up to the service objectives (awareness, understanding and credibility) is the foundation for the future.
This edition of UVO adds these self-explaining features: geo-fencing, speed alert, curfew alert, and driver score.
Free HTML5 Video Player and Converter possesses a self-explaining functional interface.
Self-explaining video guides and comprehensive technical support are also at your disposal.
The second route involves the acceptance of a self-explaining universe (but we are still left not knowing why this self-explaining system is the one that exists).
Self-explaining and easy to use with context menus, property sheets, wizards, selection boxes etc.
In the United States, some traffic calming techniques apply the self-explaining philosophy and potentially can be used more broadly.