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Fertilization by male gametes from the same individual, as by sperm from the same animal in hermaphroditic species or by pollen from the same plant.

self′-fer′til·ized′ (-īzd′) adj.
self′-fer′til·iz′ing adj.
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Adj.1.self-fertilized - fertilized by its own pollen
autogamic, autogamous - characterized by or fit for autogamy
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These blocks are thought to have evolved as a result of the combined costs of inbreeding depression and the probability that a self-fertilized gamete could have been fertilized by an outcrossed gamete (gamete discounting), outweighing the benefits of transmitting more self genes and assuring reproduction (Goodwillie et al., 2005: Johnston et al., 2009).
They plant seeds that are self-fertilized and breaking at the seams to move to the next stage.
Topics include pollination and types of cultivar, harvesting and processing, seed storage, quality control and handling, self-fertilized and cross-fertilized cereals, pulse and oil seed crops, and forage crops.
To determine the effects of self-fertilization on the production traits of this isolated bay scallop population, 12 self-fertilized families and a mass-spawned group were produced and studied.
marmoratus were individually placed in glass bowls with a lower layer of plastic mesh for isolation of newly self-fertilized eggs.
In test patches, reed flowers fertilized with a mix of pollen from three genetically different reeds yielded 10 times as many viable seeds as did self-fertilized plants.
In maize, differentially expressed genes between maize cross-fertilized and self-fertilized kernels have been identified (Meng, F., et al., 2005).
Scheffier says this method will improve breeding efficiency, since they can discard the undesirable, self-fertilized ones before planting.
The term "cleistogamous" derives from two Greek words meaning "secret marriage." Cleistogamous plants produce closed flowers that are entirely self-fertilized. These unique flowers are located just below the soil surface.
Douse it with herbicide but do it quickly before its cohort of self-fertilized seeds are loosed to the wind to drift across the winter landscape and burst forth as golden suns in the green fields of a distant May.
The blue and white seeds from every self-fertilized [F.sub.1] plant were individually sorted, and [F.sub.2] seeds were planted in two adjacent rows in the field as [F.sub.2] family lines.
In particular, when a wild Belize fish produces self-fertilized eggs in captivity, the offspring are genetic variants of each other and the parent.