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Adj.1.self-generated - happening or arising without apparent external cause; "spontaneous laughter"; "spontaneous combustion"; "a spontaneous abortion"
2.self-generated - originating from the self
autogenic, autogenous - originating within the body
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His silent self-generated regrets were far bitterer than the reproaches which his wife rendered audible.
For this purpose an earthquake catalogue namely earthquake catalogue self-generated (ECSG) for magnitude Mw>6.0 up to 300 km depth for the period Jan 1976 to December 2017 is generated.
This technique is motivated by the well documented ability of the brain to predict sensory outcomes of self-generated and imagined actions utilizing so called forward models.
'My request to the new CS is to impress upon the government to allocate more resources to KWS to meet its wide mandate in the expensive wildlife conservation field where self-generated revenue is simply not enough to meet operation costs and staff welfare,' he said.
He said that KS and EW is a profitable organization and meets all the expenses from self-generated income.
"Art is self-generated. Illustration is based on an assignment: Someone needs a drawing of X, Y, and Z.
It adds: "Offences involving self-generated images or images obtained with consent by other children may be dealt with differently.
My view of Jess Phillips is that she should put her brain into gear before she opens her mouth and to think more about her constituents than her self-generated publicity.
Instead of increasing funds and paying salaries in time Islamabad has dealt it another blow by prohibiting use of self-generated income that used to help it pay utility bills in time repair equipment and buy chemicals said a well placed official.
Individuals either self-generated feedback from the computer tracking system, or their supervisor generated and delivered the feedback.
French waste and water group Suez Environnement will combine self-generated growth with small- to medium-size acquisitions, notably in the treatment of waste water for the oil and gas industry, the company said.The company's comments came after it said it had agreed to acquire a company called Mining and Industrial Labour Services (MAILS), which specialises in treating waste from gold mines in southwestern Australia.