1. Originating or derived from itself: a self-given entity.
2. Given by oneself; self-appointed: a self-given role.
References in classic literature ?
I had ever hated a tyrant; and, behold, the possession of a slave, self-given, went near to transform me into what I abhorred
Because money is never an issue for mama Ahlam, she spared no expense in making the venue's decor as royal as her self-given title.
The terrorist group operating in Syria and Iraq should not be referred to by its self-given name the "Islamic State" but as "Al-Qaeda Separatists", announced the office of the Grand Mufti of the Republic on Sunday.
CryptorBit is also commonly referred to as “HowDecrypt", because this is the self-given title of the information file dropped by the ransomware.
He gives his all to complete his self-given mission, to find a way to make peace with the death of the greatest friend he has ever had.
So our adventure with the 'senior casual' (a self-given title) commenced.
It's there in the way narratives are created and destroyed, fact and fiction constantly breached, and self-given rules redefined to keep a concept going without getting boring.
So when members of the San Francisco Women's Motorcycle Contingent sought in 2003 to trademark their self-given moniker--Dykes on Bikes--they expected to sail through the approval process.
Queen Maryoum" (her self-given title) wore a white ballgown wedding dress, complete with a delicate veil and a diamond crown (it figures).
The Breeders' Cup has regularly been lampooned by those outside America for its self-given World Championshipstag.