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Characterized by self-sacrificing behavior; unselfish.
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Adj.1.self-giving - willing to deprive yourself
unselfish - disregarding your own advantages and welfare over those of others
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Sacraments, then, are not transactions of a spiritual commodity but relational encounters in which the God who created us out of love, for love, and in order to love us offers us the divine gift of self-giving love: grace.
You simply did not realise the self-giving, self-purifying component which authentic Valentine celebrations should bring.
This is the time for self-giving, for self-sacrifice for the good of the majority.
Because of Richie's heroic act of self-giving, the Jesuit provincial received word from the Vatican that a process has been initiated that could transform his status from a saint with a minor 's' into 'Sainthood' that could have a major impact on our country and beyond.
To me, the narrow gate Jesus is talking about in the Gospel becomes the gate of self-giving and service when you take the two Scriptures together.
If our show homes were patterned appropriately to give even just a glimpse of God's plan for this world and mirrored just enough of that self-giving, mutual, selfless love we know in Father, Son and Holy Spirit, how might that change a sin-sick and cynical world?
We are a country formed in a Christian heritage, which calls us to sacrifice and self-giving.
shows, clearly point to the cross as the pinnacle of self-giving love in action, of Jesus' loving both to the end of his life laid down and the fulfillment of that mission given by the Father.
Defend Tunisia's independence is a constant effort as it is under a daily threat," pointed out, specifying that independence feeds on the faith of Tunisians in the values of labour, self-giving, ambition, inventiveness and creation, which should help Tunisia become a real economic power and a hub of culture in the Arab world.
It demands a high-level self-giving and a great willingness to endure suffering.
It was then truly poured out in self-giving as the instrument of redemption.
Ash Wednesday, February 13, marks the start of the Christian season of Lent for personal reflection, fasting and self-giving.