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Deliberate sacrifice of oneself, especially by fire.


the act or an instance of setting fire to oneself


voluntary sacrifice of oneself.
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That was now done, and she had not the power to attempt self-immolation a second time then.
Great love is always capable of expressing itself in sacrifice and self-immolation.
One of the frenzied aspirations of the populace was, for imitations of the questionable public virtues of antiquity, and for sacrifices and self-immolations on the people's altar.
The newspaper said that Locke visited two monasteries in Songpan, not in the town of Aba -- known as Ngaba by Tibetans -- where the self-immolation by a monk in 2009 at Kirti monastery set off the wave of protests.
According to details, poverty driven labourer Mohammad Akram, 40, attempted to commit suicide by self-immolation outside PMs Multan residence on Sunday.
Yahya had received reports confirming Zarbano committed self-immolation due to family violence.
According to officials, journalists who filmed Bowatte Indarathana's self-immolation could have tried to have him rescued.
In addition to self-immolation, a suicide wave seems to have invaded Bulgaria with daily reports about people hanging themselves, jumping for bridges and high-story buildings, and throwing themselves under trains, among others.
Wangyal was the 82nd Tibetan to protest by self-immolation since February 2009, following Tamdrin Dorjee, 29, who set himself on fire and died Friday in Tsekhog, or Zeku County in the Chinese Province Qinghai, the Tibetan government in exile said.
Tibetans have been resorting to self-immolation as a form of protesting China's government and policies in the region, which has been part of China since the 1950s.
Sangay is this week hosting a special meeting on how to respond to the scores of self-immolation protests against Chinese control, and delegates admit they are monitoring the Chinese transfer of power that is likely to start next month.
GARHI KHUDA BAKHSH, December 28, 2011 (Frontier Star): Bid for a collective self-immolation by angry PPP workers on the occasion of 4th death anniversary of Benazir Bhutto was foiled on Tuesday.