(sĕlf′ĭn-klo͞o′sĭv, -zĭv)
1. Enclosing or including itself.
2. Whole or complete in itself.


including oneself or itself.
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"Our health should be self-inclusive. There are several demands on modern day living, so it is the responsibility of every person to adhere to physical education, recreation and sport as an activity to do away with stress," Dr.
The machine is self-inclusive so no need for a vice, drill press, hand drill or spinners.
Two decades on, what Chris said seems ironically affirmative, less like an accusation than a self-inclusive comment on all original and potentially enduring music of the late 20th century." Part of the fun of listening to this piece is identifying Rose's "friendly ghosts" that came to his aid in writing the piece.
Rand does not restrict the scope of justice to the treatment of others but defines it more broadly to be self-inclusive and even fundamentally self-oriented.