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(sĕlf′ĭn-do͞ost′, -dyo͞ost′)
1. Induced by oneself or itself: self-induced vomiting.
2. Electricity Produced by self-induction.
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1. induced or brought on by oneself or itself
2. (Electronics) electronics produced by self-induction
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1. induced by oneself or itself.
2. produced by self-induction.
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Adj.1.self-induced - produced by electrical self-induction
2.self-induced - brought about by yourself; "self-induced vomiting"
autogenic, autogenous - originating within the body
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[ˌselfɪnˈdjuːst] ADJautoinducido
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He must have planned the whole thing, for I heard him returning alone through the forest, roaring with self-induced rage as he came.
However, he was never investigated because the police categorised an overdose as a self-induced medical emergency.
Bulimia is an eating disorder characterized by periods of binging followed by purging behavior, such as self-induced vomiting and excessive exercise, as per the American Addiction Centers.
Self-induced abortion is banned in seven states, and mifepristone is strictly regulated by the FDA.
WITH limited sexual health awareness and poor access to contraception methods and the pressures of large families to feed in times of inflation many Pakistani women resort to secretive and unsafe abortions through self-induced or back-alley channels, risking their health in the process.
[1] Self-induced pregnancy termination is one form of 'unsafe' or 'illegal' pregnancy termination, defined as the procedure of self-administering pharmaceutical pills or traditional herbs or using other means to terminate a pregnancy.
As a result, a group of lawyers committed to reproductive health, rights and justice formed the SIA Legal Team in 2015 in order to "transform the legal landscape so people who end their own pregnancies can do so with dignity and without punishment." (1) In 2018, they reported that "[t]here are 7 states with laws directly criminalizing self-induced abortions, 10 states with laws criminalizing harm to fetuses that lack adequate exemptions for the pregnant person, and 15 states with criminal abortion laws that have been and could be misapplied to people who self-induce" (see figure 2).
This country is suffering from self-induced poverty, brought upon the people by successive leadership, which never had the care of the people at heart.
Damien Smith, who was suffering a self-induced psychotic episode, was sentenced after being found guilty after trial of dropping or throwing the three-year-old girl from a bridge on Crompton Way in Bolton.
I am sure sympathy for his plight would have been a little more profound if, at some point, Alice had acknowledged that the predicament in which Ben found himself was self-induced.
Wesfarmers boss Rob Scott said: "A lot of the issues we are dealing with today were self-induced."
LESBIAN lust and psychic power are unable to this save this Norwegian horror thriller from it's self-induced sluggishness.