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The generation by a changing current of an electromotive force in the same circuit.

self′-in·duc′tive adj.


(General Physics) the production of an electromotive force in a circuit when the magnetic flux linked with the circuit changes as a result of a change in current in the same circuit. See also self-inductance Compare mutual induction
ˌself-inˈductive adj


the process by which an electromotive force is induced in a circuit by a varying current in that circuit.
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Noun1.self-induction - generation of an electromotive force (EMF) in a circuit by changing the current in that circuit; usually measured in henries
inductance, induction - an electrical phenomenon whereby an electromotive force (EMF) is generated in a closed circuit by a change in the flow of current
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Chronic use of rifampicin increases the rate of disappearance of the drug from blood in the early phase of the treatment with a consequent reduction of its half-life as well as of drug exposure, which is related to its short half-life and self-induction of metabolism.
Among his topics are 70 words a minute: Frederica 1868-70, waiting for Caroline: Newcastle 1870-74, Good old Maxwell: London 1882-86, self-induction is in the air: Bath and London 1888-89, country life: Newton Abbot 1897-1908, a Torquay marriage: Torquay 1908-24.
(38) Gynuity Health Projects and WHO have developed guidelines for self-induction using misoprostol alone.
In the moment after the bridging (activation of valve [V.sub.4] and valve [V.sub.1] (Figure 1(b))), current [i.sub.A] supported by EMF self-induction of that phase has previous direction and flows through valves [V.sub.1], [V.sub.5] into the phase C.
There are two crucial issues I wish Pro had dealt with differently: the importance of self-induction, and the continuing divisions between prochoice and reproductive justice advocates.
Researchers at the meeting provided additional information on methods of self-induction of abortion broadly, and self-use of misoprostol specifically, including:
Self-induction is synonymous with unsafe abortion, defined by the World Health Organization (WHO) as 'a procedure for termination of an unintended pregnancy done either by people lacking the necessary skills or in an environment that does not conform to minimum medical standards or both'.
They also found women in the Rio Grande Valley were more likely than the national average to attempt self-induction of abortion.
seeking to use it for self-induction of menstrual regulation, they also reveal that workers have "considerable knowledge gaps," the researchers maintain.
After the self-induction of a deep state of relaxation, a series of suggestions are offered to the client to repeat silently as self-suggestions: a) I have a built-in immune system; b) My immune system can block and destroy the cancer cells in my body; c) I have a powerful immune system; d) My immune system can and will destroy the invader of my body (Crasilneck & Hall, 1990).
(2-4) Self-induction with misoprostol has also been reported in Africa and by African immigrants in Europe.
At the beginning, the influence of density of coil waves to the self-induction and sensitiveness of inductive coil was investigated.