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Insurance of oneself or one's possessions against possible loss by regularly setting aside funds.

self′-in·sure′ v.
self′-in·sured′ adj.
self′-in·sur′er n.


(Insurance) the practice of insuring oneself or one's property by accumulating a reserve out of one's income or funds rather than by purchase of an insurance policy


insurance of one's property or interests by setting aside funds to cover possible loss.
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Noun1.self-insurance - insuring yourself by setting aside money to cover possible losses rather than by purchasing an insurance policy
insurance - promise of reimbursement in the case of loss; paid to people or companies so concerned about hazards that they have made prepayments to an insurance company
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Self-insuring "offers an option for employers to provide benefits to their workers that they might not otherwise be able to afford," said Mike Ferguson, president and CEO of the Self-Insurance Institute of America.
Administration of self-insurance scheme should be performed according to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs set conditions, summer, coverage and terms.
Members of the House today voted 400-16 for the Self-Insurance Protection Act bill.
The Self-Insurance Institute of America hopes a new presidential administration will help it get the third version of a stop-loss defense measure signed into law.
actions reducing the probability of a loss) and optimal self-insurance actions (i.
SELF-INSURANCE FOR MEDICAL BENEFITS is sometimes seen as a step into the unknown.
However, employers willing to accept some risk can save money with the QualChoice self-insurance plan, Stock said, if their workforce uses less health care than the community average.
21) Though the director has not yet promulgated rules and regulations governing professional liability self-insurance, the State of Rhode Island Division of Motor Vehicles and the State of Rhode Island Department of Labor and Training Self-Insurance Unit both have promulgated self-insurance regulations for their respective industries.
com)-- The Self-Insurance Institute of America, Inc.
For about every employer, a letter of credit, or LOC, opens the door to self-insurance.
FASI was formed in 1969 to promote and maintain a healthy environment for workers' compensation self-insurance in Florida.
When the Governor and the legislature moved to enact stopgap measures in June to ensure that workers receiving compensation for workplace injuries from defaulting self-insurance entities will continue receiving their benefits, the Workers' Compensation Board (WCB) was granted vastly increased regulatory tools to supervise the financial health of self-insurance entities and authorization to obtain funds to pay the claims against insolvent self-insurers.