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Absorbed primarily or only in one's own interests or activities.

self′-in·volve′ment n.
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Adj.1.self-involved - absorbed in your own interests or thoughts etc
egocentric, egoistic, egoistical, self-centered, self-centred - limited to or caring only about yourself and your own needs


Concerned only with oneself:
Idiom: wrapped up in oneself.
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A reality series built around the wheelings, dealings and clashes of ego among a group of sports agents might sound like a new low in insider solipsism, but "Super Agent" is plenty enjoyable on its own highly self-involved terms.
The difficult, conflict-ridden, even romantic relationship between the artist and his work here does not risk being solipsistic--that is, too self-involved, and therefore incommunicable and incomprehensible--because the form, treated in this manner, communicates just how universal personal uneasiness can be.
He continues: "My mate said don't worry about the picture - the write-up says I'm selfish, self-involved and a horrible person.
Picking up on a global trend generally ignored by Yank filmmakers, young Gothamites Arin Crumley and Susan Buice blend autobiographical documentary and staged drama in "Four Eyed Monsters." Fascinating if overly self-involved Slamdance entry is among the few U.S.
The only nomadic species in the proliferating genus of biennial exhibitions, Manifesta's previous editions in Rotterdam and Luxembourg were, respectively, safe and sloppy, and both were of a piece with the stylistic drift in European art toward narrative, self-involved work (e.g., Pipilotti Rist) that largely circumvents issues of politics and identity.
The gifted Linda Emond is grand and irrepressible as the self-involved Ranyevskaya.
One video is an account of a legion of self-involved men carrying on within their remote fortress by the sea; the other tracks a chorus of nearly one hundred unsheltered women roaming an infertile landscape somewhere beyond the castle walls.
Cassard, who seems to set new standards for thoughtlessly cavalier behavior every time he opens his acerbic mouth, is too congenitally self-involved to pay the slightest, attention to Lolita or to his own rather sweet young trophy wife, Karine (Virginie Desarnauts).
SADA: Kind, responsible, sincere, enthusiastic and willing to own up when she is wrong, but also sarcastic and self-involved. Curent job: Writer of The Babe's Bible, published soon.
These two scenes denote an entire milieu: a self-involved sphere of family life, the rituals of a marginal community, everything suffused with sun-drenched, Mediterranean-feeling torpor.
When her matches don't work, it's because one party is dysfunctional: a self-involved brat or rude to the wait staff or prone to public crying.
Shulman, who has been taking photographs professionally since the '30s, is one of the better known architectural photographers, a man whom Modernist architects such as Richard Neutra adored for his ability to subordinate any decorative or narrative impulse of his own to the dramatic, self-involved technics of their glass and steel structures.