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Absorbed primarily or only in one's own interests or activities.

self′-in·volve′ment n.
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Lilly Burns: I think there is like a virulent self-involvement that is existing in the world right now that I think comes from this social media version where everyone has to have the online version of themselves and capture themselves and take photos of themselves and think about the way that theyre coming off at all times.
Many chapters take the form of Q&A dialogue and online messages, and the constant repartee and Hildy's admitted self-involvement could exhaust readers.
Yousef is fully cognizant of the unsettling implications of Dorothy's silence in "Tintern Abbey" and Sara's abstraction in "Eolian Harp" (126-27), or the politics of utility in "Old Cumberland Beggar" (91), and she is careful to note that "[t]he sense that self-involvement precludes, or seeks to evade, engagement with communal and civic life only duplicates the rigid opposition between solitude and sociality that a poem such as 'Frost at Midnight' interrogates" (123).
This mirrors the heightened ideological polarization in the American Jewish world, which is superimposed on what has always been: inter-community tensions, plenty of over self-involvement, human frailty and institutional resistance to change.
She has instead written a modern fairy tale, with one-name characters, magical traits and transformations and questions about race and love and how to lift the curse of self-involvement.
But this year, I have to admit I groaned when his only storylines seemed to involve pining after the hideous monster of self-involvement that is Marnie and kvetching, to a degree that began to make me fear for his sanity, about the absence of a traffic light outside his apartment building.
While most New Year's resolutions are admirable, they're often heavy on self-involvement. By turning the focus outward and concentrating on giving back in 2013, you can help others while you help yourself.
Charlie's relationship with Lola deteriorates as his prejudices and self-involvement get exposed, but it's all very muddy.
The senior Amal official's warning came during a funeral ceremony in Ghaziyyeh/South Lebanon where he noted that self-involvement into other peoples' problems elicited a flagrant contravention to our co-existential confessional status.
The most useful pieces, and there are several among the 34, show self-awareness without self-involvement, thereby offering insight of value to others.
While the MIT media critic Sherry Turkle theorizes in her book Alone Together (2011) that teenagers are too technological to manage their own emotions, and Jean Twenge in The Narcissism Epidemic (2010) warns that self-involvement has reached an all-time apex, Jessica K.
Stalwart partisans no doubt will blame apathy and self-involvement for their declining market and mind shares.