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The act of making excuses to justify one's actions or behavior.

self′-jus′ti·fy·ing adj.


offering excuses for one's behaviour, often when they are not called for


1. offering excuses for oneself, esp. in excess of normal demands.
2. automatically adjusting printed or typed lines to fill a given space, esp. to conform to a rigid margin.
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Sevket spends much of the film spinning self-justifying depictions of village customs like besleme.
The irony of the whole story is that the old-type self-justifying colonialism has died out in an ignoble death and is even a source of embarrassment in its countries of origin.
This is a three-hander, with poor little rich girl (as we shockingly discover) Juliana manipulated by Juan, the bitter, self-justifying manservant, while housekeeper Kerstin looks on not altogether helplessly.
The vaingloriously self-serving but elegant volumes he authored on WWII led the Nobel Committee, unable in all conscience to give him an award for peace, to grant him, astonishingly enough, the Nobel Prize for Literature- an unwitting tribute to the fictional qualities inherent in Churchill's self-justifying embellishments.
Paner segued from a Zumba instructor haunted by the ghosts of her husband and son, to a self-justifying police practitioner of 'tokhang,' to a photojournalist obsessed with the nightly body count, to a poignant child scarred by the memory of her parents' grisly deaths.
It may seem morbid and lacking in human feeling This is an onion doing its own peeling Living in a world of self-justifying healing Karma making mincemeat with surgical wheeler dealing.
Picabia initially attempted to overcome nihilism (as did Nietzsche) by way of an analogy with music, which itself does not describe or represent an external reference but is rather conceived as self-justifying, of generating its own meaning.
It is a mixture familiar to aficionados of the genre: part personal anecdote (enough to give the reader the sense that he is being offered a truly "insider's" account, but not so much as to risk any security clearances); part appreciation of the famous politicians he has served (favourable enough not to jeopardize relations or career opportunities but not so starry-eyed as to sink into sycophancy); part self-justifying exposition (striking a delicate balance between claiming credit for a policy he clearly believes in without diminishing the role played by his political bosses).
More often than not, it's self-justifying and defensive attitudes that kill success.
He said: "It is sending out a message that nothing has been learnt - their first reaction is to be self-justifying." The Chief Inspector of Constabulary Sir Tom Winsor blasted the suspension, saying the "factors" were ambulance crews and the council, not fans.
Only a toddler could be so self-justifying and tone-deaf that he'd compare the sacrifice of Humayun Khan - the soldier I mentioned who was killed in Iraq - to his own professional work of erecting tall buildings and simultaneously enriching himself.
Liberalism harms itself and America by treating its glittering ideals as self-justifying, obviating the need to attend to such annoying details as whether government programs really can or do advance these ideals, and whether the required resources are in fact put to their best and highest uses.