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1. Limiting oneself or itself.
2. Self-limited.

self′-lim′i·ta′tion (-tā′shən) n.


1. limiting oneself or itself.
2. Also, self′-lim′ited. (of a disease) running a definite and limited course.
self′-limita′tion, n.
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The disease is of benign nature having a self-limiting course with an outstanding prognosis and a magnificent response to therapy.
BY judiciously adjusting the tax rate according to its effectiveness, and establishing proper systems of supervision and fines, such problems, and their concomitant side-effects, would soon become self-limiting.
DR Kirsty Foster, of PHE, said: "Although unpleasant, for most healthy people, flu, flu-like illness and D&V are self-limiting illnesses.
Medical expert Dr Khawar Sultan from Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences (PIMS) said that Influenza or seasonal flu was usually a self-limiting disease and everyone did not need antiviral treatment and diagnostic tests.
Oxitec, Ltd, a UK-based biotechnology company that pioneered the use of biologically-engineered insects for control of disease-spreading Aedes aegypti mosquitoes and crop-destroying agricultural pests, announced today it will be transitioning from its 1st generation self-limiting Friendly Aedes aegypti mosquito (also known as OX513A) to a new Friendly Aedes mosquito (OX5034) that uses Oxitecs 2nd generation technology, allowing the company to focus on advancing its entire mosquito and crop pest portfolios using this next-generation platform.
Influenza more commonly referred to as the seasonal flu is usually a self-limiting disease, which means everyone doesn't need antiviral treatment or diagnostic tests.
They stressed that the common cold is usually self-limiting and symptoms should clear up in around a week.
In the pages of "Untwisted: How to Use the Power of Love to Heal Your Emotional Pain", psychologist Ted Anders (who created the LifeLift Experience seminars to help others let go of painful, self-limiting beliefs and achieve sustainable inner peace and joyful creative freedom) offers a different perspective on the subject and presents a unique step-by-step approach to breaking this cycle for good.
Once released into the wild they'll mate with female mosquitos and pass on a "self-limiting" gene that kills off future generations of female mosquitos before they mature to the stage where they're capable of biting (only female mosquitos bite).
Oxitec, a wholly owned subsidiary of Intrexon, announced it is entering into a cooperative agreement with the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation to develop a new strain of Oxitec's self-limiting Friendly Mosquitoes to combat a mosquito species that spreads malaria in the Western Hemisphere.
(6) As it is a self-limiting disease and the symptoms are non-specific and vary in severity, the incidence of SPM varies between 1 in 7000 to 1 in 12 000 hospital admissions.