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1. Involving goods convertible into cash in a short time. Used of business transactions.
2. Producing a return equal to the sum invested to create or maintain something: a self-liquidating toll-bridge project.

self′-liq′ui·da′tion n.


1. (Banking & Finance) (of a loan, bill of exchange, etc) used to finance transactions whose proceeds are expected to accrue before the date of redemption or repayment
2. (Economics) (of a business transaction, project, investment, etc) yielding proceeds sufficient to cover the initial outlay or to finance any recurrent outlays


1. able to be converted into cash quickly.
2. (esp. of a property) producing income that repays the cost.
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They can even use the roof decks for events or sports activities as an all in one self-liquidating project.
'When the building is self-liquidating, that is very attractive especially to our funding conduits - the banks,' he said.
Since such loans are self-liquidating at the end of the growing cycle from the proceeds of the product sale, therefore, the maturities of these loans will coincide with the production cycle for the product being financed.
The 25-year, self-liquidating loan was placed with One America.
The TCF team provides a wide range of products related to the trading of physical commodities, including short- to medium-term credit facilities, self-liquidating transactional facilities, borrowing base facilities and trade finance, in addition to capital markets solutions, risk management and strategic advisory.
Preventive and corrective maintenance of self-liquidating machines.
With the growing trade links of the UAE with other global hubs such as Hong Kong and Singapore, the bank sees new opportunities in trade finance, which is relatively capital-efficient and low-risk because of its self-liquidating nature.
marketing, (2) developing self-liquidating products and services, (3) using marketing strategies and automation, (4) implementing strategies to increase cash flow and profits, and (5) increasing performance and efficiency in business.
It has also affirmed the state's 'AA-' Issuer Default Rating (IDR) and the 'AA-' rating on approximately $74.8 billion in outstanding GO and self-liquidating GO bonds.
The goal is to strengthen the investors' support to the Duterte administration's quest for inclusive growth and economic boost of the marginalized sectors like farmers, fisher folk, urban poor, etc; regreening of the country's air, land and sea environments; heighten ways to enhance and reduce costs of socialized housing construction; upholding ways to enhance employment generation in the face of certain displacements in countries that do not provide equitable treatment to our co-Filipinos; and upraise urban farming and fishing to provide for self-liquidating livelihood and daily sustenance opportunities
Some of the debts incurred are self-liquidating. Our country is able to repay loans as and when due in keeping with our policy of fiscal prudence and sound housekeeping.'
30 2017 30, 2017 31, 2017 31, 2016 Net Industrial debt (485) (627) (578) (653) Funded portion of the 694 705 723 737 self-liquidating financial receivables portfolio Net debt (1,179) (1,332) (1,301) (1,390) Cash and cash equivalents 619 423 569 458 Gross debt (1,798) (1,755) (1,870) (1,848) Free Cash Flow and Free Cash Flow from Industrial Activities are two of management's primary key performance indicators to measure the Group's performance.