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1. Involving goods convertible into cash in a short time. Used of business transactions.
2. Producing a return equal to the sum invested to create or maintain something: a self-liquidating toll-bridge project.

self′-liq′ui·da′tion n.


1. (Banking & Finance) (of a loan, bill of exchange, etc) used to finance transactions whose proceeds are expected to accrue before the date of redemption or repayment
2. (Economics) (of a business transaction, project, investment, etc) yielding proceeds sufficient to cover the initial outlay or to finance any recurrent outlays


1. able to be converted into cash quickly.
2. (esp. of a property) producing income that repays the cost.
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Tenders are invited for hiring of the collection service of the self-liquidation machines or automatic teller machines of the "central histric-mercat central" car park, through the exchange of currency and ticket boxes, their subsequent transport and custody, their counting and finally their entry into the entity this service also includes the manual replenishment of the "hoppers" of coins and bill validators for each of the machines.
The firm is undergoing a process of 'self-liquidation.'
That is precisely the strategy of self-liquidation that tobacco companies used, to the benefit of their shareholders.
CAIRO: Egypt stopped production at three companies affiliated with the Holding Company for Spinning and Weaving on Thursday, in anticipation of possible self-liquidation.
Beneath these performances, she contends, lurk the more existential dangers of isolation and self-liquidation disclosed in the denouement of most of the stories.
And if the customer must shut down and liquidate, creditors should encourage the customer to consider non-bankruptcy alternatives like a general assignment or self-liquidation, which are cheaper, quicker and can produce more for creditors."
In August 2010, Corporate America marked a milestone with the self-liquidation of its legacy assets, a move about which Bonds said, "Of all things I've tried to do, [it's] the thing of which I may be the most proud." Compared to its peers the amount was small, but Bonds was able to guide and carry out what some said could not be done and continue on a path to profitability.
The Commission adopted, on 22 February, a communication on the fight against intra-Community VAT fraud, in particular putting in place a generalised self-liquidation system.
gives considerable attention to what he contends is a misperception, namely, that contemporary liberal theology is caught in a "double bind" between, on the one hand, the secular world, especially the academy, that regards even the most intelligent and academically austere liberal theology as inherently tied to discredited foundational beliefs and methodologies, and, on the other hand, the churches that charge these same theologians with unbelief, as witnessed by Peter Berger's lament that liberals have turned theology "into a recipe for self-liquidation of the Christian community ...
The wealthiest and most advanced civilization in human history will have opted for self-liquidation in favor of the world's most impoverished and backward culture.
AHEAD OF THE CURVE: Nearly a decade ago, THE NEW AMERICAN--in defiance of the conventional wisdom that the Cold War had ended with the self-liquidation of the Soviet ruling elite--devoted an entire issue to documenting the tact that Russia's Communist nomenklatura was still firmly in control of that unfortunate country.
For a long time, no one has spoken of a "self-liquidation" or "friendly business take over"; rather it was handled as the entirely normal occurrence of an Arianization.