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Adj.1.self-luminous - having in itself the property of emitting light
bright - emitting or reflecting light readily or in large amounts; "the sun was bright and hot"; "a bright sunlit room"
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The Metz M55S9A OLED TV comes equipped with Self-Luminous Display Technology, True HDR Technology and HDMI ARC.
This process, which stacks thin film layers atop OLED panels to protect its self-luminous diodes, uses nozzles to spray organic liquid material onto the panels.
Grand Tiger TUV has a sporty dashboard, integrated console, auto air conditioner, self-luminous instruments make the interiors comfortable for a long journey.
not quite sure that Proxima is really part of the system, although that seems probable; it is in any case self-luminous, though faint.
The findings showed that daytime bright light exposure, by means of outdoor activities or light interventions in offices, did not affect sleep in young healthy students who used a self-luminous tablet for two hours in the evening time.
OLED technologies enable lighter, thinner, and printable displays since they are self-luminous thus providing a significant advantage over conventional displays.
The ACS3 transmission sensor is used for measuring the colour of self-luminous, translucent or transparent objects.
Most tritium self-luminous sights glow green, simply because this color is highest on the night visibility spectrum.
The low profile sights have self-luminous, green night-sight inserts, one on each side of the open square-notch rear sight with a recessed surface and one in the blade-type front sight.
Another application from OVD Kinegram, WO2014033318A2, discloses a variant security element which is not simply transmissive to light but actually 'comprises one or more light-emitting elements'; and 'said one or more light-emitting elements emitting light upon activation and being formed more particularly in each case by a self-luminous, electrically operated, display element'.
The office of the future instead will be comprised of sleeping pods, self-luminous walls and treadmill-operated desks, according to winning entries in NAIOP's 2014 Build-Out/Interior Design Competition.