A folder that can be mailed without being enclosed in an envelope.

self′-mail′ing adj.


a piece of mail that has space for an address and postage and can be mailed without a wrapper or envelope.
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Steak: American Eagle highlights "The Freedom of FREE Checking" on the front of its postcard; while the Webster Bank self-mailer really features the $100 bonus.
They've selected the right target market and the right service, created an attractive, three-panel self-mailer and made a good offer: a free shipping kit.
I suppose the theory is, in this era of internet-shortened attention spans, that with a self-mailer the prospect has your complete selling message in one piece.
The service offers dealers many direct mail templates in postcard and self-mailer formats, which they can then customize by adding information such as prices, discounts, expiration dates and details of service.
The average person spends three seconds or less deciding whether to keep or toss a non-catalog mailing (solo, self-mailer, postcard, etc.), 30 seconds or less deciding whether or not to open and look at its contents, and three minutes or less reading it.
* Skip tradition entirely--send a colorful postcard or a self-mailer brochure.
It won't matter how dynamic the cover letter is, if the envelope (or self-mailer) is never opened.
* Format: "A traditional, five-part direct mail package will almost always pull better than a self-mailer (generally, a 10%-50% higher response).
* Always design the newsletter as a self-mailer and use bulk rate postage.
Another format, the self-mailer, is usually a 9-by-11 sheet of paper folded in half or thirds.
Self-Mailer. This is a brochure that is distributed in a direct mail campaign.