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the ability to take control of one's life without being blown off course by feelings, urges, circumstances etc


restraint of oneself or one's actions, feelings, etc.
self′-controlled′, adj.
self′-control′ling, adj.
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As for Stephen, he leaned back against the framework of the conservatory, dizzy with the conflict of passions,--love, rage, and confused despair; despair at his want of self-mastery, and despair that he had offended Maggie.
The reactionary excitement that gave her a proud self-mastery had not subsided, and she looked at the future with a sense of calm choice.
He was white to the lips with the effort for self-mastery.
Whether he would have self-mastery enough to be always as harmless and purely beneficent as his good-nature led him to desire, was a question that no one had yet decided against him; he was but twenty-one, you remember, and we don't inquire too closely into character in the case of a handsome generous young fellow, who will have property enough to support numerous peccadilloes--who, if he should unfortunately break a man's legs in his rash driving, will be able to pension him handsomely; or if he should happen to spoil a woman's existence for her, will make it up to her with expensive bon-bons, packed up and directed by his own hand.
This natural action, arguing complete self-mastery, and showing her in one of those feminine attitudes which William found adorable, did more than any argument to compose his agitation.
This is also the secret of self-mastery, for he who does not first master himself cannot conquer, never mind change the world.
Redpath has a lot to say about education and how self-mastery, personal excellence, and rationally directed appetite may be promoted.
That meant the self-mastery to dominate his craft through years of careful practice, and the humble discipline to live within the rules of the music itself.
In his view, the major problem with negative theories is that they limit freedom to the absence of domination, while the positive ones have the problem of limiting freedom to self-mastery, participatory agency, and such types of action.
Focusing on what matters begins with laying the foundation for finding clarity through the exercise of self-mastery, self-development and self-commitment-a process that we call Inner Work,' coach Pia says in her book.
The Stoics were philosophers dedicated to the study of self-mastery, not self-abnegation.
The US edition of Coue's Self-Mastery Through Conscious Autosuggestion (viz.