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the ability to take control of one's life without being blown off course by feelings, urges, circumstances etc


restraint of oneself or one's actions, feelings, etc.
self′-controlled′, adj.
self′-control′ling, adj.
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This natural action, arguing complete self-mastery, and showing her in one of those feminine attitudes which William found adorable, did more than any argument to compose his agitation.
He was white to the lips with the effort for self-mastery.
As for Stephen, he leaned back against the framework of the conservatory, dizzy with the conflict of passions,--love, rage, and confused despair; despair at his want of self-mastery, and despair that he had offended Maggie.
The reactionary excitement that gave her a proud self-mastery had not subsided, and she looked at the future with a sense of calm choice.
I began training Robert in August 2003 as he was looking to make a very serious change in his lifestyle for very publicly documented reasons and he came to me to help him achieve that by going on a path of self-mastery using Wing Chun kung fu.
Warrior Kids: Warrior Training for Children offers a program of martial arts and self-mastery specifically oriented towards children, and stands out as a unique custom program for any who would read about a pioneering program with a proven track record: some eighteen years working with children across New Zealand--many from challenged backgrounds.
42), predicated on a belief in natural human goodness and characterized by chimeric imagination, but should be a limited endeavor led by individuals who exercise self-mastery or "ethical will" (p.
Thus, essays nine and twelve, which ostensibly consider ethical topics, contain, respectively, explanations of friendship in terms of a shared consciousness ("co-perception") and of sophrosune in terms of self-knowledge understood as a "faux reflexive" awareness enabling self-mastery.
As the results in Table 4 show, although the multivariate test showed the model's lack of overall significance, the effects of the interval testable experiment showed that this test is significant in interrelationships for self-mastery, self-acceptance and aggression and tenderness.
Focus equally among three main components of an elite team: individual self-mastery, team culture and spirit, and organization structure and support.
While the Church teaches that one must have serious motives for limiting one's family and avoiding pregnancy, the Church has never taught that one must have serious motives to practice fertility awareness, self-mastery, communication between spouses and prayerful discernment about the couple's call to family life based on the needs of the couple and family and their duties towards each other, to their family, the Church and society.
aACAo Self-knowledge: "Once your mind is calm and clear, you can create a quality of self-knowledge or self-awareness that improves over time, and it evolves into self-mastery.