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the ability to take control of one's life without being blown off course by feelings, urges, circumstances etc


restraint of oneself or one's actions, feelings, etc.
self′-controlled′, adj.
self′-control′ling, adj.
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The reactionary excitement that gave her a proud self-mastery had not subsided, and she looked at the future with a sense of calm choice.
As for Stephen, he leaned back against the framework of the conservatory, dizzy with the conflict of passions,--love, rage, and confused despair; despair at his want of self-mastery, and despair that he had offended Maggie.
He was white to the lips with the effort for self-mastery.
Whether he would have self-mastery enough to be always as harmless and purely beneficent as his good-nature led him to desire, was a question that no one had yet decided against him; he was but twenty-one, you remember, and we don't inquire too closely into character in the case of a handsome generous young fellow, who will have property enough to support numerous peccadilloes--who, if he should unfortunately break a man's legs in his rash driving, will be able to pension him handsomely; or if he should happen to spoil a woman's existence for her, will make it up to her with expensive bon-bons, packed up and directed by his own hand.
This natural action, arguing complete self-mastery, and showing her in one of those feminine attitudes which William found adorable, did more than any argument to compose his agitation.
Tribune News Network Doha, Qatar Qatar-based Empower World, a coaching and coach training organisation, recently held a free workshop as part of their ongoing commitment to bringing professional coaching skills to Qatar: to support people to develop their leadership and self-mastery skills.
Through a high degree of self-mastery, they are able to project and plan a direction for their lives.
But Trump's most consequential deficit may lie in his emotional intelligence -- what political scientist Joseph Nye defines as "the self-mastery, discipline and empathic capacity that allows leaders to channel their personal passions and attract others."
robust way to increase muscle mass, which is a visible pay-off and can help improve individuals' self-mastery and self-perception," she says.
Understanding and working with our most natural instinct puts us well on our way to self-mastery. You can use breathing as a tool to draw in power, regulate your expressions, and diffuse or influence an outcome by changing the air around you.
We examine Dreaming through three lenses: (1) epistolary: letters as a literary form of life writing; (2) self-mastery narratives; and (3) the possibility of a new sociality via transnational adoptive kinship.
Self-donating love starts with self-awareness, self-honesty, self-acceptance, self-care, and on to self-possession, self-mastery, and true selflessness.