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1. Medication of oneself without professional supervision to treat an illness or condition, as by using an over-the-counter drug or preparation.
2. The ingestion of a substance, such as alcohol, an illegal drug, or a non-prescribed medicine, as a conscious or unconscious means of coping with a psychological condition, such as anxiety or depression.

self′-med′i·cate′ v.


vi automedicarse, tomar un medicamento sin indicación por un médico
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He self-medicates his existential crisis by playing cards and starts a problematic relationship with student Amy Phillips (Brie Larson).
A 68-YEAR-OLD grandmother who "self-medicates" with cannabis because she says it helps her fight depression will be evicted from her bungalow if she continues using the drug, housing bosses said yesterday.
Longs is well positioned to meet growing pharmacy and prescription drug demand, particularly as the public self-medicates to contain rising medical costs.
The state of the economy, lifestyles, cultures, and the condition of medical care all contribute to the percentage of people that seek to self-medicate. People are highly influenced by the cost of healthcare and will purchase OTC products in order to save money.