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1. Medication of oneself without professional supervision to treat an illness or condition, as by using an over-the-counter drug or preparation.
2. The ingestion of a substance, such as alcohol, an illegal drug, or a non-prescribed medicine, as a conscious or unconscious means of coping with a psychological condition, such as anxiety or depression.

self′-med′i·cate′ v.


the use of medicine without medical supervision to treat one's own ailment.
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Health experts note that moderate alcohol consumption can lead to alcohol abuse if you aren't careful and start to use alcohol as a form of self-medication. Alcohol can also interact with other medications, possibly leading to health problems.
He urged people to also avoid self-medication whenever they were ill, particularly with malaria, adding that people should always visit the hospital for tests and treatment for all malaria-related symptoms.
LAHORE -- It is a need of the hour to discourage reckless use of antibiotics by the public as self-medication could cause negative impact on human health.
Studies conducted in Pakistan on self-medication includes study conducted at the Aga Khan University, and Hamdard Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Islamabad.1,2 Both researches show that self-medication is very common among both medical and non-medical university students.
Symptoms may diminish temporarily with self-medication, but it would become difficult for a doctor to correctly diagnose and treat later.
Keywords: Self-medication, Rural and urban areas, Questionnaire, CVI approach, Analgesics, Antipyretics.
Self-medication is not in any case the right thing to do when you are ill.
YpsoMate is an autoinjector for self-medication of a wide range of pharmaceutical substances in a various therapeutic areas.
KARACHI -- Expressing concern over the increasing number of extensively drug resistant (XDR) typhoid cases in Pakistan, particularly in Sindh province, eminent pediatrician Prof Dr Iqbal Memon Saturday urged the general public to avoid taking antibiotics or self-medication as bacteria develops resistance against antibiotics.
In medical students, trend toward the use of self-medication is growing day by day.
Health Secretary Francisco Duque III is urging the public to put an end to self-medication which, he said, is putting the country at greater risk of developing antimicrobial resistance (AMR).
Hangga't maari, sumangguni tayo sa lahat po ng pampublikong pagamutan, o kung kakayanin, sa mga pribadong pagamutan at kumuha po ng tamang reseta, at siguraduhin na buuin ang pag-inom nung niresetang gamut (Let's do away with the self-medication behavior.